Russell Brand thinks Tom Cruise is a ''joy to be around''.

The 'Rock Of Ages' star got close to Tom on set the set of their new movie.

The 49-year-old actor even cooked Russell - who turns 37 on Monday (04.06.12) - a special birthday dinner.

He told The Sun: ''Tom is lovely. He's like a big charismatic hurricane smashing through your life. It's lovely to get attention from him, it's lovely to hang out with him. He's a beautiful, genuine, kind man.

''You'd think if someone was the biggest movie star in the world, you wouldn't be so interested in other people. But he's very caring. He's serious but sweet, a joy to be around.

''Tom bought me a really nice birthday present, with all of my favourite things. He gave me a nice new yoga mat and cooked me nice food. He bought me all of my favourite foods. I thought, 'How does he know all of this stuff?' He was like Father Christmas.''

After moving to Los Angeles to pursue an acting career, the star will be particularly upset to be miss out on the Queen's Diamond Jubilee celebrations in London this weekend.

He said: ''It hurts my heart. It's a great time in our country and I'm devastated not to be there. I love the Queen and have never been so in love with her since I came to America. But we will be honouring the Queen in our own special way.''