Russell Brand was left red-faced during a meeting with his hero Morrissey as he was distracted by a busty woman nearby.

The Get Him to the Greek star has often told of his admiration for the former The Smiths frontman, and even named his pet cat after the singer.

He has met his idol on several occasions but during one discussion backstage at a venue in Los Angeles, the legendary Lothario found his mind wandering and his attention diverted by a large-chested lady.

Brand tells Esquire magazine, "It's hard because we live in a culture that takes every opportunity to stimulate your primal desires. Sexual imagery is everywhere. Maybe the second or third time I met Morrissey, it was like six years ago, and he came to see me do a stand-up show in Hollywood. And at the end, in this humble backstage area with a concrete floor and plastic garden chairs, we're both sitting there - his people are standing around, my people are standing around - and he goes: 'Well, how do you do it?'

"And this is the realisation of a childhood dream - my hero, the great artist Morrissey, affirming and praising my work. But while he's saying that, a girl with big t**s walks past in the background, and I immediately look at her. It's not even a decision... It's happening on such a deep level, that stuff."