Funnyman Russell Brand dreams of Tom Cruise during his daily meditation sessions as the Top Gun star gifted him a yoga mat.

The Get Him to the Greek actor is a keen practitioner of the spiritual discipline and credits its positive mental benefits with helping him overcome his drink and drug demons.

He finds time every day to relax and feel 'at one' with himself, but the memory of inheriting his yoga mat from Hollywood star Cruise constantly intrudes on his thoughts.

Brand tells U.K. Tv show This Morning, "Tom Cruise bought me (a yoga mat). Well, I don't know if Tom Cruise actually went into a shop and said, 'Hi, I'm here for a yoga mat,' because I think he's too busy thinking about Top Gun and all these wacky schemes, but certainly someone who works for Tom Cruise goes, 'Here's a yoga mat - when you use it, think of Tom Cruise.' And I do."