Victor Sneed, with a name worthy of Royston Vasey, is suing Russell Brand for allegedly running into him with his car earlier this year. 

Sneed is looking for over $25,000 in compensation. This sum is for hospital bills and loss of earnings as a result of his injuries, as well as legal costs- that would be non-existant were he not suing the Get Him to the Greek actor. TMZ have reported that Brand was trying to escape paparazzi in his Range Rover. Sneed's lawyer Bob Fink has contacted the website telling them that the ex-security guard is currently in a leg brace and potentially needing surgery. At the time Brand sent one of his employees to exchange details with the man, with the view to settle the ordeal outside insurance and court. Alas, that hasn't materialised. Nevertheless, it does seem dubious that the incident was alleged to have occurred in January of this year, yet the victims proceedings seem to have taken 8 months to materialise. No one would put it past Brand to be a negligent driver, nevertheless, something smells a bit fishy. 

TMZ got hold of the documents, but you can see scans of them here

As yet there has been no word from Brand or his representatives, but we all know this is not his first brush with the law. He was also sued a few years ago after smashing a photographers phone, reports the Daily Mail, but Brand was lucky and got off with a few hours of community service.