Russell Brand is famous for his sexual exploits, so when it was reported that he had 30 people in his house, stretching in tight cloths and groaning, you could be forgiven for thinking it was post-watershed news item.

It is, however, perfectly innocent. The star just had a bunch of people round to do some Yoga. "The yoga centre I had been going to sacked our instructor, so I have moved everyone into my house. I had 30 people doing it in my house," he explained, the Sun reports. "I had all the crew on my TV show doing yoga in the studio the other day too. There were 100 people doing it. It's not your normal yoga. It's like proper chanting, full-on stuff -- not for the faint-hearted," added Brand, who is becoming slightly obsessed with Yoga, possibly for more than enlightenment reasons. "It's full of amazing women. That's a fact. They are all filled with sexual energy. It has been brilliant."

Since Amy Winehouse's death from excessive use of drugs and alcohol, Brand has stepped up his campaign for more recognition for people suffering from the affliction of addiction. Having himself been severely addicted to drugs, and come out the other side both alive and still sane, well, on the whole, he is a prominent role model for those still suffering.