Russell Brand sees himself as living in a ''luxury prison''.

The comedian and actor lives his life to a strict daily routine, which involves yoga and eating ''healthy food, like basically green slime and crap'' in order to stop himself slipping back into his old addictions to sex and drugs.

He told GQ magazine: ''I'm like this person who lives in a luxury prison. But I really like routine.''

Russell says he achieves a great deal of peace and balance through meditation, which helps him to be unconcerned about wealth and fame.

He added: ''[Meditation] is why I'm less concerned about money, less concerned about fame, less concerned about sex. Meditation nurtures an aspect which is not related to fear, desire or self-deception. In my case, where the tendency is in the contrary direction, and similarly extreme, a lot of work is required. And I meditate a lot. but those things [addictions] are still a part of me.''