Funnyman Russell Brand has brushed off his four-month romance with actress Teresa Palmer as a fling he felt he had to have to stop himself from falling in love with the Warm Bodies star.

The Brit admits he fell hard for Palmer when they were working on 2008 Adam Sandler comedy Bedtime Stories and asked hypnotist pal Paul MCKenna to help make him believe the Australian stunner wasn't as attractive as he thought she was.

But when that didn't work, Brand reveals he just let nature run its course.

Appearing on U.S. late-night show Conan on Tuesday (16Apr13), the comedian and actor revealed, "She was so beautiful and so radiant that when I looked at the beauty I thought, ' f I have that beauty in my life, everything else will not matter...' I thought, 'This is going to prevent me from being able to have sex with all the extras'.

"I had sex with her and a relationship with her and eventually that does get it out of your system. I hope that doesn't sound brutal but that is the nature of the chemical imperative to procreate. I'm sorry, I didn't design the male libido."