Russell Brand's cat is a ''gangster''.

The comedian has revealed his troublemaking pet Morrissey loves ''murder'' and regularly preys on smaller animals, dragging their bloody remains through his home in Los Angeles, California.

He said: ''My cat's the dominating, supreme being of the home. I live most of the time in Los Angeles; when I'm away people go round, feed him, look after him, and cuddle him. He's alright. He doesn't care anyway. He doesn't give a monkeys.

''All he wants to do is go out and ruthlessly slaughter God's creatures - moles, lizards, birds, rats, mice. He's a gangster, that cat. He doesn't care about anything but murder. He lives for it. He's a gangster cat.''

The 38-year-old comic joked that his black feline - whom he shared with singer Katy Perry during their 14-month marriage - has joined a gang since moving to the sunny Californian city, which has a problem with street gang violence.

He quipped: ''He's in Los Angeles now, so he's probably in a gang. He has got a facial tattoo. I need to ask him about that. He's started to call me a 'biatch'!''

Although Russell now mainly spends his time in the US, the Essex-born star he loves coming home to his native UK because chatty fans treat him like he's a friend.

During an appearance on Nick Grimshaw's Breakfast Show on BBC Radio 1, he said: ''I'm really happy when I'm in this country. Since I've lived away a lot, I feel a different kind of intimacy with English and British people, because there's a ... 'You alright, mate?' I feel like I know everyone. It's much more familial. I'm much happier.''