Russell Brand made headlines at the GQ Men of the Year awards this week, after making a joke about the Nazi's and their sartorial choices. Noting Hugo Boss's link to the SS went down like a lead balloon, though it was hardly the year's most vile joke. Besides, Brand is a comedian.

Anyway, Telegraph journalist and all-round bore Charles Moore was so incensed by the joke that he thought it right to hit back with a jibe about Brand's notorious answer phone message to the Fawlty Towers actor Andrew Sachs, which cost the comedian his job on BBC Radio 2 in 2008.

Moore has been indignant about the whole thing for years, apparently resolving to pay his BBC license fee to Help the Aged until the corporation dispensed of the services of Brand and his partner-in-crime Jonathan Ross.

It's likely that GQ knew all too well about Moore's disdain for Brand when organisers invited him to collect the prize of writer of the year at the annual bash in London this week. Sure, Brand was always going to be at the awards, but Moore? Writer of the Year? Really?

"I am not convinced that Mr Brand was ever really sorry at all for what he did," Moore told The Telegraph after this year's awards. Perhaps the journalist would be better packing in his career in favour of just sitting in a room getting really mad about Russell Brand's phone-call to Andrew Sachs. 

Saying that, the GQ Awards - overseen by the magazine editor Dylan Jones - have been a joke for years now. Here's an awards ceremony at which George Osbourne has twice won Politician of the Year. George Osbourne. Jones himself was once found to have paid David Cameron the princely sum of £20,000 to write a book about him, according to The Guardian.

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Andrew SachsAndrew Sachs In A Big Yellow Blazer At The UK's Creative Industries Reception