Russell Brand is being sued for $25,000 by a pedestrian who was allegedly hit by his car in Los Angeles back in January.

The British funnyman is facing yet another lawsuit only months after being forced to pay out $500 and do 20 hours of community service when he threw an iPhone belonging to a paparazzo through the window of a building. This time, according to a copy of the lawsuit filed by LA County Superior Court that TMZ managed to get their hands on, Brand was driving 'negligently' which caused him to hit a pedestrian by the name of Victor Sneed who has claimed that he was injured as a result of the collision, had damage done to personal property and was landed with subsequent hospital bills. He also claimed that he 'lost wages' following the incident. 

Trouble with the law has been a prominent factor in Mr Brand's life. Even though his hellraising days are over, he still can't seem to stay out of controversy; apart from the two incidents mentioned above, he has also been arrested for battery after allegedly attacking a photographer who stood in his way as he attempted to board a flight with his then fiancé Katy Perry and he, alongside Jonathan Ross, also caused the BBC to be fined £150,000 in 2008 when the presenters left a vile voicemail to comedy legend Andrew Sachs regarding Brand's relationship with his granddaughter.