Russell Brand finds yoga ''trippy''.

The British comic - who has battled drug and sex addiction but been clean for nine years - starts every day with transcendental meditation then Kundalini yoga and finds the techniques ''overwhelming''.

He said: ''It changes consciousness, it's really good if you've had addiction issues. It's highly psychological, and very beautiful, and overwhelming, and real, and trippy.

''To have some meeting about a film that'll never get made, and then I go home and do a meeting about the TV show, then have a meeting about a film that might get made, so there's a lot of meetings.''

While Russell is still ''ambitious'' he admits his current focus is helping other addicts seek help to get clean.

He said: ''I'm still ambitious, I'm very driven, but all I want to do is carry on doing things like this. Make people feel better in a way that is truthful and legitimate. Not temporary, in a sugar rush of nonsense.''