British comedian Russell Brand has cancelled his appearance at the SXSW because he feels "uncomfortable" with watching a "biography" about himself. Brand was due to appear at the screening of BRAND: A Second Coming on Friday (13th March). BRAND: A Second Coming is a documentary which follows Brand's journey from "conventional celebrity" to the "troubled visionary" he is today.

Russell Brand
Russell Brand has cancelled his appearance at the SXSW Festival.

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Brand explained his reasons for cancelling his appearance on his blog, in a statement posted on Friday (13th March).  He apologised for not attending the event, addressing a number of the SXSW organisers. Brand wrote how he would feel uncomfortable watching a film about his life and, even as a "narcissist", he did not wish to re-watch his life. 

"You'd think a narcissist would like nothing more than talking about themselves and their "rags to riches", "hard luck" story but actually, it felt like, to me, my life was hard enough the first time round and going through it again was painful and sad," Brand wrote.

The film has been seven years in the making and follows Brand as he explores his relationship with fame, also addressing the lives of his heroes: Gandhi, Malcolm X, Jesus and Ché Guevara. In the early stages of the project, Brand suggests there were creative differences with previous directors but he praises director Ondi Timoner for her work.

However, he writes how he didn't realise that, in relinquishing control to director, he "didn't consider was that in letting go of the film, I was agreeing to be the subject of a biography." He further added "Posthumously this is a great honour but while you're alive, oddly intrusive and melancholy."

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