The Get Him to the Greek actor has become a vocal political commentator in recent months, and he has been urging Brits not to vote in the country's upcoming general election as part of a protest against inequality.

Brand has now revealed a stranger dropped off a cardboard box full of money at his management team's office and asked the star to stand as a political candidate.

Speaking on The Russell Brand Podcast, he says, "We can talk about the suspicious situation where someone dropped off 400 grand in a box at the offices for me to run in the election - 400 grand!... I spoke to the fella and I don't know that it would be a legitimate situation to keep the money... I think it's in 50s (£50 notes), I've not looked at it, you know me, I'm ol' Russ, honest Russ, can't be corrupted.

"Well, we involved the police... I'm in the public eye, I can't just take boxes of hundreds of thousands of pounds...The old bill (police) got involved... The police said 'It's not illegal to give Russell Brand 400 grand, it's inadvisable but it ain't illegal.'"