The funnyman has released a video on showing him meeting the residents of the Sweets Way estate in Barnet, north London who are facing eviction from their homes so they can be demolished to make way for luxury apartments.

Brand urged viewers to support the group on social media and is set to attend a sleepover on Tuesday night in a house on the estate as part of the campaign.

In a separate video, he says, "We can't just sit by and let that (demolition) happen, so we're going to have a sleepover... I'll be there from 8 (in the evening), I'll be sleeping in a sleeping bag. I like that I'm presenting the idea of me sleeping in a normal house as some real radical action, it's basically the same as the house I was brought up in... It's a movie night so don't create loads of revelry and chaos... it's a fun night of people coming together to protect the Sweets Way estate. Come!"