Fox News Chairman Roger Ailes has secured another 4 years in the role, which will take him right through until 2016, reports The Los Angeles Times.

Ailes, who also oversees the company's 27 television stations, Twentieth Television syndication, MyNetwork TV and the Fox Business Network, had his second term announced Friday (October 19) by News Corp.. "News Corporation today announced that Roger Ailes has signed a new four-year contract to continue serving as Chairman and CEO of Fox News and Chairman of Fox Television Stations. Mr. Ailes, who first joined News Corporation in 1996, will continue to oversee Fox News, Fox Television Stations (FTS), Fox Business Network (FBN), Twentieth Television and MyNetwork TV," said their business like and efficient statement. "He will also continue in his role as a senior advisor to Chairman and CEO Rupert Murdoch on television and news matters," it continued. "It's election season, and the most powerful man in America just ensured himself of four more years in office," wrote Forbes - "a joke, but not by much".

They're right, that joke really wasn't far off. A lot is mooted surrounding the closeness of Murdoch's empire to politicians in America and the U.K, and given the media talent show that is election season, both Romney and Obama will be hoping to keep Ailes and Murdoch on side.