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Bill O'reilly Vs. The Simpsons

24th November 2010

Writers of The Simpsons have delighted in taking swipes at Rupert Murdoch, the Fox Network, and Fox News over the years -- biting the hand that feeds them dozens of times, if a list of...

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Simon Cowell Receives International Emmy Award

23rd November 2010

Simon Cowell revealed his life was "boring" before he appeared on television, during his acceptance speech at the 38th International Emmy Awards.The music mogul - who first achieved TV stardom as a judge on 2001...

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News Corp Sees Profits Jump

4th November 2010

News Corp reported a big jump in net income during its first quarter, led by gains in its television and newspaper operations, as advertisers who had slashed their spending a year ago returned to the...

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Editor Tells Scotland Yard To Do Its Own Job In Hackergate Case

14th October 2010

Britain's Metropolitan Police -- Scotland Yard -- which has come under increasing criticism for its handling of allegations that reporters working for the Rupert Murdoch tabloid News of the World had intercepted voice mail messages...

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Adage Columnist Predicts Hackergate Will Do In Murdoch

27th September 2010

Advertising Age media columnist Simon Dumenco is predicting that the current flap in the U.K. over alleged widespread hacking of the voicemails of celebrities and politicians by Rupert Murdoch's tabloid News of the World will...

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Can Murdoch Keep A Lid On "Hackergate?"

16th September 2010

Lawsuits recently filed by a small number of British politicians and celebrities who are known to have had their voicemail hacked by a reporter and private investigator working for Rupert Murdoch's Sunday tabloid, News of...

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British Mp Calls For Murdoch To Testify About Hackergate

10th September 2010

Simon Hughes, a member of the British parliament whose telephone was hacked by the tabloid News of the World and whose testimony led to the conviction of reporter Clive Goodman and private detective Glenn Mulcaire,...

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Is U.k. Hacking Scandal Murdoch's Watergate?

8th September 2010

British columnists and media experts were suggesting Tuesday that the allegations that journalists at Britain's News of the World routinely hacked into the telephone conversations of celebrities and politicians could become for Rupert Murdoch's News...

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Rupert Murdoch Takes A Pay Cut

1st September 2010

Rupert Murdoch took home his smallest pay package in seven years, according to a News Corp filing with the SEC for its just-ended fiscal year, reported by Britain's Guardian newspaper in today's (Wednesday) editions. According...

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Jackman And Kidman Are Murdoch Girls' Godparents

30th March 2010

HUGH JACKMAN and NICOLE KIDMAN have been named the godparents of media mogul RUPERT MURDOCH's two young daughters.The Australia co-stars helped celebrate the baptism of Grace, eight, and Chloe, six, the billionaire's daughters with wife...

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Legend's Newspaper Backlash Prompts Apology

25th February 2009

Media magnate RUPERT MURDOCH has apologised to readers of his New York newspaper, after singer JOHN LEGEND criticised editors for running a controversial cartoon featuring the shooting of a chimp. The R&B star called for a...

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50 Cent Denies $300 Million Murdoch Deal

19th May 2008

Rap superstar 50 CENT has denied he is to sign a new branding deal with media mogul RUPERT MURDOCH's company - worth $300 million (GBP150 million). The In Da Club hitmaker - real name Curtis...

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50 Cent To Sign $300 Million Murdoch Deal?

15th May 2008

Rap superstar 50 CENT is on the verge of signing a new branding deal with media mogul RUPERT MURDOCH's company - worth a cool $300 million (GBP150 million). The In Da Club hitmaker is in...

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Borat Sequel Claims Quashed

9th February 2007

LATEST: Talks of a sequel to blockbuster comedy BORAT: CULTURAL LEARNINGS OF AMERICA FOR MAKE BENEFIT GLORIOUS NATION OF KAZAKHSTAN are premature. Yesterday (08FEB07) media tycoon RUPERT MURDOCH revealed Borat, which made $250 million (GBP128...

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Borat's Back

9th February 2007

Funnyman SACHA BARON COHEN will revive his cult Kazakhstani TV reporter BORAT for a sequel to hit movie BORAT: CULTURAL LEARNINGS OF AMERICA FOR MAKE BENEFIT GLORIOUS NATION OF KAZAKHSTAN. Media tycoon RUPERT MURDOCH, who...

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Simpson Wanted To Drop Controversial Book

6th February 2007

LATEST: OJ SIMPSON is glad his controversial book IF I DID IT has been scrapped, because he felt it was "too much like an admission of guilt". The former American football star was paid an...

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Simpson Book Advance Case Dropped

25th January 2007

LATEST: OJ SIMPSON's legal battle over the advance for scrapped book IF I DID IT has been thrown out of a Los Angeles court, after a judge ruled he had "no jurisdiction" over the former...

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Simpson Ordered To Cut Spending

20th January 2007

LATEST: OJ SIMPSON has been ordered to curb his spending to include only basic necessities, after claims the former footballer is in talks to negotiate another book deal. He was issued the limited restraining order...

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Simpson Slams Book Claims

15th January 2007

LATEST: OJ SIMPSON insists that a chapter from his unpublished book that hypothesises how he would have killed his ex-wife and her friend was created by a ghostwriter and has factual flaws. The latest edition...

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Irwin's Daughter In Us Tour

8th January 2007

The daughter of late CROCODILE HUNTER star STEVE IRWIN is set to make a number of high-profile appearances in the US this week (begs08JAN07) to promote her new series BINDI, THE JUNGLE GIRL. Eight-year-old BINDI...

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Oj Publisher Declares War On Murdoch

19th December 2006

LATEST: The publisher fired because of her involvement with the controversial OJ SIMPSON book has declared "war" on her former boss RUPERT MURDOCH. JUDITH REGAN publicly defended the controversial book project, IF I DID IT,...

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Simpson: 'Book Was Not A Confession'

23rd November 2006

LATEST: OJ SIMPSON insists his ill-fated book IF I DID IT was not his confession to the murders of his ex-wife NICOLE BROWN SIMPSON and her friend RON GOLDMAN. The book, which reportedly describes how...

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Brown Upset With Oj Simpson 'Hush Money' Offer

22nd November 2006

OJ SIMPSON's former sister-in-law DENISE BROWN has slammed the media company behind the former American football star's controversial new book IF I DID IT for trying to buy her silence for millions. Publishers knew the...

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News Corp Cancels Simpson Book And Tv Special

21st November 2006

LATEST: News Corp head RUPERT MURDOCH yesterday (20NOV06) cancelled the OJ SIMPSON book and upcoming TV special IF I DID IT, after a barrage of criticism. Bosses at a dozen Fox Broadcasting affiliates had already...

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Fox Affiliates Ban Simpson Special

20th November 2006

The bosses of several Fox affiliate networks are refusing to air the controversial OJ SIMPSON TV special in which the former footballer discusses hypothetically how he would have killed his ex-wife. Simpson was acquitted of...

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Murdoch Brands Gladiator Reunion 'A Flop'

19th November 2006

The heavyweight reunion of GLADIATOR director RIDLEY SCOTT and star RUSSELL CROWE in new movie A GOOD YEAR has been branded a flop by media mogul RUPERT MURDOCH, the man behind the studio which backed...

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Goldman's Father Urges Viewers Not To Watch `Sick' Simpson Show

17th November 2006

The father of RON GOLDMAN has urged Americans to turn off when Fox executives air their OJ SIMPSON special later this month (NOV06) because he thinks the former footballer's take on how he would have...

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George Michael: 'Murdoch Is The Devil'

1st November 2006

Pop star GEORGE MICHAEL has launched a scathing attack on RUPERT MURDOCH, labelling the media mogul "the devil". The former WHAM! singer, 43, is stunned by Murdoch's control over a large percentage of the world's...

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Bragg Beats Bebo

25th August 2006

British singer BILLY BRAGG has won his battle to regain full ownership of his music on social networking website Bebo. The NEW ENGLAND star was furious the website automatically assumed the rights to work posted...

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Kidman Cried Throughout Wedding Day

25th June 2006

LATEST: New bride NICOLE KIDMAN was so overcome with emotion on her wedding day, she cried all the way to the church and throughout the ceremony, according to media reports. Kidman, 39, tied the knot...

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