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Picture - Rupert Graves - Celebrities attend... London United Kingdom, Wednesday 18th June 2014

Rupert Graves - Celebrities attend Skylight Press Night at Wyndham's Theatre - London, United Kingdom - Wednesday 18th June 2014

Picture - Rupert Graves and Guests -... London United Kingdom, Sunday 17th November 2013

Rupert Graves and Guests - 'Free Birds' Special Screening held at the May Fair Hotel - Arrivals. - London, United Kingdom - Sunday 17th November 2013

Rupert Graves

The White Queen Trailer

The 'sword and shield' television hype continues to grow as The White Queen celebrates its release on DVD and Blu-Ray on the 19th August 2013. 

The melodramatic television Drama based on the compelling, brutal and turbulent best-selling history novel The Cousins' War by Philippa Gregory portrays the perceptions of three passionate and equally ruthless women: Elizabeth Woodville, Margaret Beaufort and Anne Neville in their quest for power.

Set in the middle of the 15th Century, England is divided by war as The House of York and the House of Lancaster fiercely fight it out their dispute to who is the rightful king. After much dispute The House of York's young and handsome Edward is mischievously made King by Lord Warwick. All is well until Edward falls in love with Lancastrian Commoner Elizabeth Woodville, ruining Warwick's plan to control the throne. From here on it Elizabeth is put in a violent struggle where she must fight for her life and the crown to the throne. The story unravels and exposes a possible view one of the most interesting stories in British History.

Blood, Sex And Violence: The White Queen

Max Irons James Frain Rupert Graves Rebecca Ferguson Caroline Goodall Spartacus

The White Queen stars two relatively unknown actors, Rachel Ferguson and Max Irons, as Elizabeth Woodville and King Edward IV. They are supported by James Frain, Caroline Goodall, David Oakes, Rupert Graves, Amanda Hale and many, many, many more.

A decent historical drama is signposted by the presence of The Tudors' Frain, The Borgias' Oakes and Graves, who donned a wig in order to play George Villiers in a BBC adaptation of the life and loves of Charles II. It does take a certain type of actor to pull off the floppy haired-tights-codpiece- thigh high boots look. Fortunately this trio do. Max Irons does quite well too.

The programme is a dramatization of the life and times of Elizabeth Woodville, wife of Edward IV. From relatively humble beginnings we see the Lancastrian lass rise to the highest position a woman in medieval society could reach: Queen. Elizabeth was grandmother of Henry VIII, a monarch whose offspring has overshadowed historical drama. The series is based on Philippa Gregory's best-selling book of the same name.

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Picture - Rupert Graves , Monday 10th September 2012

Rupert Graves Monday 10th September 2012 The TVChoice Awards 2012 held at the Dorchester hotel - Arrivals

Rupert Graves

Fast Girls Trailer

Tough and streetwise Shania Andrews clashes with popular and wealthy Lisa Temple as they both endeavour to qualify for a word athletics championship. They must work together in order to succeed but it is clear that their rivalry and jealousy of each other starts to seriously affect their team's chances of victory. Will Shania and Lisa be able to set aside their differences and beat the US girls running team? Or will their conflict jeopardise both their dreams?

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Gielgud Kept Alive On Epic Shakespeare Project

One of acting legend SIR JOHN GIELGUD's Shakespearean performances has been kept for posterity as part of a four-year-project to record the Bard's Complete Works....