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Everett Seeks Cash For Wilde Film

British actor RUPERT EVERETT is seeking a $24 million (GBP12 million) investment to make a film about legendary playwright OSCAR WILDE. The Shrek star has written the script for the movie - which will focus...

17th April 2008

Clooney Unfazed By Everett Jibes

GEORGE CLOONEY insists he isn't offended by British actor RUPERT EVERETT's recent outburst in which he labelled the Hollywood star "not the brightest spark" and called his films "a cancer to culture". Everett launched a...

10th April 2008

The Things They Say 7568

"You go, 'Where did that come from?' You kind of go, 'Dude, weren't you in DUNSTON CHECKS IN?'" GEORGE CLOONEY was flabbergasted when British actor RUPERT EVERETT described his OCEAN'S ELEVEN franchise as "a cancer"...

11th March 2008

Firth + Everett's Water Bomb Pranks

Crew on new film ST TRINIAN'S were given a shock by cross-dressing actor RUPERT EVERETT - when his fake breasts exploded over the set. The flamboyant Everett and co-star Colin Firth were constantly playing pranks...

3rd January 2008

The Things They Say 6677

"The thing about stars is that we're all chillingly unsexy in bed." Openly-gay actor RUPERT EVERETT dismisses celebrity sex appeal.

2nd January 2008

The Things They Say 6659

"The other day I saw a film called BECAUSE I SAID SO with DIANE KEATON, and I thought, 'Here's one of the women we loved most in our 1970s cinema, debasing and humiliating herself in...

28th December 2007

The Things They Say 6654

"I think he was a little bit too keen to snog (kiss) me. He was desperate!" Actor RUPERT EVERETT on his lusty ST. TRINIAN'S co-star COLIN FIRTH.

27th December 2007

The Things They Say 6616

"Being gay was much more fun when it was illegal... At least it was exciting. Now it's like a great big boy band, several million strong." RUPERT EVERETT finds homosexuality so dull these days.

21st December 2007

Everett To Write And Star In Wilde Biopic

British actor RUPERT EVERETT is writing a biopic of the life of OSCAR WILDE - with himself as the lead. The My Best Friend's Wedding star, who became a best-selling author with his 2006 memoirs,...

21st December 2007

Everett U-turns On 'Nazi' Tattoo

British actor RUPERT EVERETT has backed out of having a double-headed eagle tattooed onto the back of his head - because his Jewish friends claimed it was a Nazi insignia. The eccentric Shrek the Third...

21st December 2007

Everett Dismisses Foster's 'Coming Out'

RUPERT EVERETT has dismissed JODIE FOSTER's 'coming out' as insignificant - insisting she is too old for it to have an impact on Hollywood. Foster appeared to confirm rumours about her sexuality earlier this month...

20th December 2007

The Things They Say 6567

"If you go to dinner in a restaurant with a girl, everyone looks at you in a friendly way, there's a unity in the world. If you go to dinner with a boy, even now,...

18th December 2007

Everett's Brutal Blast At Clooney

British actor RUPERT EVERETT has launched an astonishing attack on GEORGE CLOONEY, labelling him "not the brightest spark" and his films "a cancer to culture". Despite questioning the Oscar winner's intelligence, Everett is also convinced...

18th December 2007

The Things They Say 6562

"People in America can't think about Iraq now - all they care about is JENNIFER LOPEZ's bottom." British actor RUPERT EVERETT believes America's 2008 presidential voters are easily distracted.

18th December 2007

Everett: Hollywood Like Al-qaida

British actor Rupert Everett has compared the moral standpoint of Hollywood studios to that of al-Qaeda and the Taleban.The St Trinian's star says the biggest movie production houses in the world have a deeply anachronistic...

17th December 2007

Everett Slams Hollywood Heavyweights

British actor RUPERT EVERETT has launched a scathing attack on Hollywood legends AL PACINO and ROBERT DE NIRO, branding them "tragic parodies" of the icons they once were. The 48-year-old insists the film industry has...

15th December 2007

Everett: 'I'd Be A Monster If I Wasn't Gay'

Actor RUPERT EVERETT has credited his sexual orientation with allowing him to maintain his sanity. The 48-year-old insists if he wasn't gay, his out-of-control sex drive would make him a serial womaniser addicted to sex,...

14th December 2007

The Things They Say 6495

"He was a cross between being incredibly sexy and my mother." Actor COLIN FIRTH praises his ST. TRINIAN'S co-star RUPERT EVERETT for dressing up as a woman for his role as a school headmistress in...

12th December 2007

The Things They Say 6475

"People ask if I was tempted by those schoolgirls in the film. I told them, 'They're children, but RUPERT EVERETT was a really tasty mistress.' How I kept my hands off him was a mystery."...

11th December 2007

Everett's Breast Pain

Actor RUPERT EVERETT hated having to don fake breasts for his role as a school headmistress in new movie ST. TRINIAN'S - because the heavy padding gave him severe back pain. The gay star plays...

11th December 2007

Everett Slams 'Style Icons'

British actor RUPERT EVERETT has slammed style icons KATE MOSS and MADONNA, branding their widely-worshipped fashion sense "terrible". The 48-year-old plays the headmistress of an all-girls school in new movie St Trinian's - but he...

11th December 2007

Everett Blames Gayness For Hampering His Career

RUPERT EVERETT has blamed his sexual preferences for hindering his Hollywood career. The My Best Friend's Wedding star insists if he wasn't gay, he would enjoy similar success to fellow British actor Hugh Grant -...

7th December 2007

Everett Desperate To Get Tattooed

British actor RUPERT EVERETT is desperate to get his first tattoo - blaming his new life ambition on a "mid-life crisis". The My Best Friend's Wedding star, 48, admits he's keen to add the inked...

4th December 2007

The Things They Say 5967

"It is very passionate. It is the romance of the film. We are in bed together." Actor RUPERT EVERETT on his working relationship with ST. TRINIAN'S co-star COLIN FIRTH.

26th October 2007

The Things They Say 5911

"I mean, handbags. They get more and more hideous - exterior chastity belts, they make you want to mug someone." Actor RUPERT EVERETT talks fashion.

19th October 2007

Everett: My Crush On Firth

Actor RUPERT EVERETT once harboured a secret crush - on movie rival COLIN FIRTH. Gay Everett, 48, realised he was falling for Firth on the set of 1984 movie Another Country, the film that launched...

17th October 2007

Everett Tries To Find Work For Joan Collins

Screen veteran JOAN COLLINS no longer requires the service of her agent - actor RUPERT EVERETT is trying to find work for her himself. The My Best Friend's Wedding star was thrilled when he heard...

21st August 2007

Everett Under Fire From Bbc

Outspoken British actor RUPERT EVERETT has landed the BBC in trouble with a raunchy account of sexual encounters at the cinema during a live early morning show. The Shrek star was speaking on BBC One's...

3rd August 2007

Everett Defends Cruise's Scientology

British actor RUPERT EVERETT has leapt to the defence of TOM CRUISE after his Scientology beliefs recently sparked controversy in Germany. The Shrek star spoke out about Cruise's appreciation of the Church of Scientology a...

3rd August 2007

Everett Rules Out Adoption

SHREK star RUPERT EVERETT has ruled any chance of adoption - because he doesn't believe gay couples should father children. The openly-homosexual actor is adamant he will never succumb to the growing Hollywood trend of...

24th July 2007


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