Review of We Breed Champions Album by Royal Bangs

Album review of We Breed Champions by Royal Bangs released on Audio Eagle

Royal Bangs We Breed Champions Album

I like this. When a band mixes the best sounds of The Clash and Dinisaur Jr, you know their music's of a certain standard, Royal Bangs have created a juicy slug of buzz and energy completed by those all important melodies, the band have captured the enthusiasm they seem to exude.

With a studio full of instruments (suitably) thrown into the mix, We Breed Champions offers us a dirty but definitely more-ish collection of songs. Their record label Audio Eagle was set up by The Black Key's Pat Carney, he was so taken in by the band he signed them and he's even booked them as the support for their next tour!

The old-school rock this 5-piece from Knoxville, Tennessee, convey with electric intensity is lusciously addictive - it would be quite easy to believe J Mascis was playing on Cat Swallow, Brother leans toward Built To Spill on a day-long caffeine high.

Royal Bangs seem to have no ulterior motive, just write and produce great music, people have drawn comparisons to an unleashed version of Radiohead's 'In Rainbows', but Ryan Schaefer appears to have had a lot better time than Mr Yorke.

Highly Recommended.


Mike Rea

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