ROSIE O'DONNELL returned to a familiar setting this past Friday (Feb 7th) as she made an appearance on the daytime talk-show 'The View'.

And it didn't take the 51 year-old to get back into the swing of things as she engaged in a rather awkward confrontation with fellow host, Barbara Walters.

O'Donnell hasn't been on 'The View' since 2007 and when current moderator Whoopi Goldberg asked if she misses the show, sparks began to fly.

"Sometimes I do," she said, noting that she does not miss the backlash she would receive when saying something people didn't want to hear.

"Your Twitter feed blows up," O'Donnell added, "People can be very mean online."

"I went through that just this week," Walters said, referring to when she stated her support for director Woody Allen, who is at the center of a sexual abuse scandal after Dylan Farrow, his adopted daughter, claimed he sexually assaulted her when she was 7 years-old.

"With the Woody thing?" O'Donnell said. "I saw it." She continued, "It's hard. Especially for people who had been abused, it's very hard to hear somebody who has come out, which takes such courage, and admit the abuse, and then be disbelieved."

A clearly disgruntled Walters replied, "OK, I don't want to go through the whole argument again."

"We can edit that right out," O'Donnell added. "No one will know." "No, we don't edit," Walters said.

"We leave it in. That's why the show is called 'The View.' We're not afraid. That's what we do."

"Whatever she says, she knows I love you," Walters said to conclude the show.

Watch O'Donnell show support for Mia and Dylan Farrow below