Rosie Huntington-Whiteley loves a ''good old roast dinner''.

The model-and-actress has tried vegan cuisine since she's been living in Los Angeles, but admits she still enjoys a traditional British roast.

The 27-year-old star, who was raised in Devon, England, explained: ''There are loads of really cool vegan places opening up

[in Los Angeles] now. I've always rather sneered at vegetarian and vegan food - but a girlfriend of mine took me to a vegan restaurant and I loved it.

''People always asked me whether I diet - instead of thinking, 'I can't have this' or I can't have that', I always try to include healthier options in my world. It's about opening yourself up to healthier choices rather than restricting yourself all the time. That way, you can still indulge sometimes.''

Asked what constitutes an indulge, Rosie told the Mail on Sunday newspaper: ''A good old roast dinner.''

The blonde beauty also explained that she learned to cook from her mother and retains a passion for the food she was fed growing up.

She said: ''I guess I learned to cook from my mum. She doesn't really enjoy it, but she's a great cook.''