Having successfully managed to squeeze herself from the creative, creditable but ultimately underappreciated constraints of The Pipettes, Brighton Etch-A-Sketch expert Rose Elinor Dougall releases her debut solo album, 'Without Why'. 24 year old Dougall has taken the solo route to showcase her brand of edgy power pop, and with terrific results.

The new album contains four of her previous singles together with seven other fascinating compositions. Her second single Start/Stop/Synchro is the lead off track on Without Why. The mock-baroque keyboards, tripping bass lines and heightened vocals dress up the song with a lighter air to camouflage the mood within the lyric...."As I sit and watch the lovers kissing in the darkened corners, I think I was once beautiful to you.....We can't escape the fact that I will never be her."

The Felt like guitars joyously wash over 'Come Away With Me' on track #2 followed by the Cocteau flavoured 'Find Me Out'. The 4th of her single releases FMO is a torch song with a very sad sense of realisation. The more you dwell on the lyrical content of the album you can't help but feel that Miss Dougall may have had more than her fair share of troubled relationships.

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