Rosamund Pike gets ''really annoyed'' with people who think she was only hired for her looks.

The 33-year-old star - who played MI6 double agent Miranda Frost in 2002 James Bond movie 'Die Another Day' - always wanted to be accepted as a ''good actress'' because of the stigma attached to portraying a Bond Girl.

She said: ''I think being accepted as a good actress is all I ever wanted. That's the only stigma that comes with a Bond film - that people are quick to assume you were hired just for your looks.

''That kind of thing really annoys me because actually [director] Lee Tamahori hired me for something else.''

The blonde beauty - who portrayed Jane Bennett in 2005 motion picture 'Pride And Prejudice' - insists she is always working to ''confound people's expectations'' of her ability because she is ''very serious'' about her career.

She explained: ''Things turn all the time. 'Pride & Prejudice' meant people saw a warm character having just seen a cold one [in Bond].

''Another one was 'An Education' because I made people laugh and they probably thought I couldn't be funny.

''I just want to confound people's expectations all the time because I'm very serious about what I do.

''I work hard at it and think about it all the time. Work is the foremost thing in my life.

But Rosamund found it easy to get in shape for her latest role, which sees her star as Greek goddess Queen Andromeda - who is caught in the battle between the Gods and the Titans - in forthcoming movie 'Wrath of the Titans'.

She added to the Daily Mirror newspaper: ''I like to be in shape because I'm better that way. I feel better when I swim - that's what I do. It's all about being healthy instead of acting a part.''