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Beyond The Reach - Featurette

The cast and crew of forthcoming thriller 'Beyond The Reach' including producer Robert Mitas, director Jean Baptiste Leonetti, and stars Jeremy Irvine and Michael Douglas, discuss the making of the movie in a new featurette. Everyone had a lot of praise for the two leading actors.

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Beyond The Reach Trailer

Deserts are inhospitable places at the best of times. For one young man, things are about to become a whole lot worse. Ben (Jeremy Irvine) has been living on the edge of civilisation for years, helping to lead trappers and hunters safely through the desert to experience some of the most wild and dangerous hunting on the planet. When he is employed by Madec (Michael Douglas), a wealthy business man who has a taste for hunting, he drives out beyond an area known as The Reach. During their hunting, Madec shoots at a target, obscured by the sun's glare, which later turns out to have been a person. With his business at stake if the world discovers what he has done, Madec decides to leave no witnesses, and opts to let the desert kill Ben. Ben, however, has other ideas.

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Picture - Ronny Cox Hollywood, California, USA, Saturday 6th June 2009

Ronny Cox Saturday 6th June 2009 Los Angeles Premiere of 'Imagine That' held at the Paramount Theatre - arrivals Hollywood, California, USA

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