Ronnie Wood's ex-wife once offered cocaine and marijuana to the couple's teenage son because she wanted her children to experiment with drugs "under her roof... rather than in some dodgy club".

Jo Wood has detailed family life with the Rolling Stones rocker in her new autobiography Hey Jo: A Rock and Roll Fairytale, and reveals the couple was always open with the kids about illegal substances.

The 57 year old has revealed she once found what she though was a packet of marijuana in her son Tyrone's bedroom, and when it turned out to be dried herbs, she gave him the real thing to try. Jo also admits giving the teenager a bag of cocaine when he was 16.

She writes, "I also gave him a small packet of coke to try one evening. Irresponsible? Perhaps. But I would much rather he learned about these things under my roof, where I could keep an eye on him, rather than in some dodgy club taking God knows what."

She also admits giving her daughter Leah a puff on a marijuana joint when she was 15, but insists her kids were used to seeing drug use as they grew up, adding, "They'd see people smoke joints openly. There were times when they were quite small when they saw people doing lines of coke. We were a rock-and-roll family and I was open and honest."

The couple divorced in 2009.