Ronan Keating wants to put his ''bad past'' behind him.

The 35-year-old singer - who announced in April he and wife Yvonne had split following his affair with a backing dancer - feels upset that he has ''hurt'' people and is looking to the future with the release of his new album 'Fires'.

He said: ''I don't want to talk stories, I don't want to talk about it. I've hurt enough people and to be honest, I just wanted to make a positive, optimistic album and put the bad past behind me.''

Ronan - who has children Jack, 13, Marie, 11, and six-year-old Ali with Yvonne - admitted it was difficult for him to be true to his emotion throughout the album as though he is currently happy with his life, he doesn't want to make anyone feel awkward by expressing that.

Speaking on 'This Morning', he said: ''I feel great, I feel good. I'm in a great place, you know, and I'm just trying to do my best.''

And the 'Life is a Rollercoaster' singer is very ''proud'' of his new album because he has gone back to his ''pop Roots''.

He said:''As I was growing up over the last 12 years I've just realised, you know, this is what I do, it's pop music, you know?

''And I've just gone back to that, I've gone back to my roots. I'm very proud.''