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Nolte Keeps Snubbing White House Invitations

12th May 2005

Hollywood hellraiser NICK NOLTE has a message for GEORGE W BUSH and all future Presidents of the United States - don't invite him to the White House. Nolte has been invited to the prestigious...

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John Wayne Was In Running For Us Presidency

1st April 2005

Western film icon JOHN WAYNE was considered for the position of US president, long before actor RONALD REAGAN entered the White House. The late screen star, who died in 1979 of stomach cancer, was...

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Cabaret Star Bobby Short Dies

21st March 2005

New York cabaret singer BOBBY SHORT has died from leukaemia at New York's Presbyterian Hospital at the age of 80. The triple GRAMMY AWARD nominee embodied cabaret sophistication and earned the nickname 'Miniature King...

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Cage + Presley Reunite For Ramone Tribute

17th January 2005

Former couple NICOLAS CAGE and LISA-MARIE PRESLEY joined fans of JOHNNY RAMONE at the unveiling of a statue in the late rocker's honour in Los Angeles on Friday (14JAN05). The pair joined the likes...

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Streisand Backs Stars Right To Talk Politics

20th December 2004

Outspoken superstar BARBRA STREISAND has defended celebritys' rights to speak out about politics, insisting there have always been strong links between Hollywood and Washington DC. Democrat-backing actors, actresses and singers - including Streisand -...

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Reagan's Daughter Sues Salvation Army

20th October 2004

Late President RONALD REAGAN's daughter is suing the SALVATION ARMY for breach of contract, accusing the group of reneging on a speaking engagement because she supports stem cell research. According to the complaint filed...

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Reagan Honoured With Stamp

7th October 2004

Former American President RONALD REAGAN is set to be honoured with a commemorative stamp early next year (05). The stamp honouring the USA's 40th president will be unveiled on 9 November (04) at Reagan's...

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Polish Square Named After Reagan

9th September 2004

Former American President RONALD REAGAN has been honoured by the Polish city of Krakow with a square bearing his name. The square has been named after Reagan, who died earlier this summer (04), in...

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Cobain Christmas Card Fetches Fortune

18th August 2004

A Christmas card made by late rocker KURT COBAIN when he was six years old sold at auction for $16,200 (GBP9,000) on Saturday(14AUG04). Another item, a drawing of late former American President RONALD REAGAN...

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Huston: 'Nancy Reagan Is My Hero'

28th June 2004

ANJELICA HUSTION has listed NANCY REAGAN as her greatest female hero, despite their conflicting political views. Huston is a lifelong supporter of the American Democratic movement, but insists she draws great inspiration from the...

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Kline Enjoys Wardrobe Perk

28th June 2004

Hollywood actor KEVIN KLINE enjoys playing stylish characters in his movies - because he gets to fill his closets at home with costumes from each shoot. The 56-year-old star is due to hit screens...

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Stars Resume Preparations For Kerry Concert

25th June 2004

Singers MARY J BLIGE, WYCLEF JEAN and JON BON JOVI are among a host of stars who have resumed preparations for a concert supporting American presidential candidate JOHN KERRY. The A CHANGE IS GOING...

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Ronald Reagan's Tiny Head

17th June 2004

Late president RONALD REAGAN's head was only the size of "a coffee saucer", according to former acting pal LARRY HAGMAN. The former DALLAS star has five of one-time Hollywood star Reagan's Stetsons among his...

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Wyman Breaks Silence On Reagan

14th June 2004

Veteran actress JANE WYMAN broke her decades-long silence on ex-husband RONALD REAGAN to pay tribute to the former American president as he was laid to rest. Wyman and her BROTHER RAT co-star Reagan were...

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Schwarzenegger Has Eye On White House

11th June 2004

ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER is carefully following former American President RONALD REAGAN's example - in the hope of becoming the next movie-star president. The TERMINATOR star has ambitiously copied the late leader by becoming Governor of...

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A Tribute To Ray Charles

11th June 2004

by Editor KEV LEWIN Just days after the death of former President RONALD REAGAN, another great American has passed on - RAY CHARLES' tough life is over. Credited as the pioneer of soul music...

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Kerry Reschedules Celebrity Concert

10th June 2004

American presidential candidate JOHN KERRY has delighted his supporters by rescheduling a campaign concert starring celebrities including WHOOPI GOLDBERG, ROBIN WILLIAMS, BARBRA STREISAND and BETTE MIDLER. The Democrat hopeful had previously cancelled the...

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Morrissey: 'I Wish Bush Was Dead'

9th June 2004

British pop rebel MORRISSEY attacked GEORGE W BUSH at his last gig in Ireland, telling the crowd he wished the US President was dead. The former SMITHS frontman stunned the crowd at DUBLIN CASTLE...

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Kerry Cancels Celebrity Concert

8th June 2004

American presidential candidate JOHN KERRY has axed a campaign gig featuring WILLIE NELSON and BARBRA STREISAND out of respect for former Premier RONALD REAGAN. The 13 June (04) event at the WALT DISNEY CONCERT...

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Arnie Pays Tribute To Reagan

7th June 2004

ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER is among leaders who have paid tribute to another actor-turned-politician, RONALD REAGAN, who died on Saturday (05JUN04). The action man-turned-California Governor joined former British Prime Minister MARGARET THATCHER and former US leaders...

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President Reagan Dies At 93

6th June 2004

Movie star and former US President RONALD REAGAN died at his home in Hollywood yesterday (05JUN04). He was 93. Reagan, America's 40th President, passed away from pneumonia with his wife NANCY and children RON...

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Steven Seagal Supports Philippines Leader

5th May 2004

Hollywood action star STEVEN SEAGAL has backed Philippino President GLORIA MACAPAGAL ARROYO in an upcoming election. The actor visited the presidential palace to discuss shooting a movie in the Philippines, but ended up rooting...

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Ice Cube Attacks America's Presidents

12th March 2004

Hip-hop star ICE CUBE has blamed former American President RONALD REAGAN for the gradual decline of the nation's inner cities. The rapper-turned-actor, 34, believes that since former screen star Reagan took on his reigning...

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Schwarzenegger Eyes Reagan's Old Home

12th February 2004

ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER has expressed a desire to buy former American President RONALD REAGAN's old home, as he settles into his role as California Governor. The Austrian-born screen star and his wife MARIA SHRIVER have...

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Reagan's Wife Opposes Dime Proposal

8th December 2003

LATEST: A proposal to replace FRANKLIN D ROOSEVELT's face on the American 10 cent piece with RONALD REAGAN's has been met with disapproval - from the former president's wife NANCY. Republican lawmakers recently announced...

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Reagan Favourite To Take Over The Dime

4th December 2003

American currency officials are fighting to replace FRANKLIN D ROOSEVELT's face on the country's 10 cent piece with that of movie star and former American President RONALD REAGAN. Congressmen in California have picked up...

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Tv Bosses Bring The Reagans To Life Early

24th November 2003

TV bosses at American cable network SHOWTIME are planning to air controversial TV movie THE REAGANS two weeks early because people are desperate to see it. CBS bosses were forced to cancel the movie...

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Vanessa Welcomes Pal Arnie With A Song

18th November 2003

VANESSA WILLIAMS sang the national anthem at a swearing-in ceremony marking her pal ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER's tenure as California Governor in Sacramento, California, yesterday morning (17NOV03). Meanwhile all living former California Governors were invited...

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Streisand Backs Reagan Show

3rd November 2003

BARBRA STREISAND has hit out at critics of her husband JAMES BROLIN's portrayal of RONALD REAGAN in a TV biopic of the former American President. Supporters of the former Republican president have slammed the...

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Emma Backs Arnie

27th October 2003

Actress EMMA THOMPSON has become the latest Brit backing ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER's stint as California Governor, because she thinks he'll "probably do rather a good job". Despite her leanings towards America's Democrats, the actress, who...

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