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Welcome To New York Trailer

Devereaux is well known by the people closest to him as an uninhibited playboy, using his wealth and his high status as a rich French politician to gain him access to a whole world of sexual adventures. Despite the fact that he has a loving wife, nothing stops him in his pursuit of pleasure, but such undisciplined behaviour is always likely to be dangerous. After one spontaneous encounter with a New York hotel maid, he finds himself suddenly accused by authorities of being a rapist. While everyone knows of his womanizing ways, no-one would've suspected such an occurence and Devereaux is left cowering and desperate, and feeling guilty that his lifestyle has led to such injustice. Will a man who has so many big ideas on rescuing the economy manage to hold his high for long enough to protest his innocence? Or has he managed to end his promising career?

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Girl Most Likely Trailer

Imogene cannot seem to move on from her unsuccessful career as a playwright in New York and her destroyed relationship with a former boyfriend. Dreaming of the past and what could've been, she goes into meltdown and wakes up in the bed of a psychiatric unit with a doctor informing her that she must either stay in hospital or be cared for by a close relative. She is ultimately forced to go back to her hometown in New Jersey to be with her wayward mother who has never had the ability to take care of her properly as a child let alone as an adult. However, when she gets home, she discovers that her mother is living with an eccentric compulsive liar and has rented out Imogene's bedroom to a young man, who happens to be rather charming. She soon learns that in order to get better and be able to stand on her own two feet again, she must accept her family as it is and forgive her mother for her past struggles.

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Picture - Ronald Guttman New York City, USA, Thursday 9th December 2010

Ronald Guttman Thursday 9th December 2010 First Annual Child Mind Institute Awards Gala - Arrivals New York City, USA

Picture - Ronald Guttman and guest New York City, USA, Thursday 9th December 2010

Ronald Guttman - Ronald Guttman and guest New York City, USA - First Annual Child Mind Institute Awards Gala - Arrivals Thursday 9th December 2010


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