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Romola Garai Is Married

24th July 2014

Actress Romola Garai has married her long-term boyfriend.The Atonement star has tied the knot with actor Sam Hoare, the father of her 16-month-old daughter, and the family is planning to move from Britain to New...

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Romola Garai Details Birth During Tv Baftas Appearance

13th May 2013

Actress Romola Garai stunned U.K. Tv viewers on Sunday night (12May13) by graphically detailing the recent birth of her baby as she prepared to hand over a trophy at the British Academy of Film and...

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Romola Garai Criticises Hollywood's Weight Obsession

6th November 2012

Actress Romola Garai has slammed the Hollywood obsession with weight and criticised the magazine industry for airbrushing stars to look thin.The Atonement star admits she struggles to find outfits for red-carpet events as designers refuse...

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Romola Garai Longs For Middle-age

2nd November 2012

Actress Romola Garai is looking forward to her fifties as she can finally escape the "exhausting pressure" of keeping beautiful.The Atonement star, who turned 30 in August (12), is adamant her emotions have balanced out...

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Romola Garai Not A Fan Of Dirty Dancing 'Sequel'

28th August 2012

The 2004 Dirty Dancing sequel left a bad taste in British actress Romola Garai's mouth - because it was not the film she signed up to make in 2002.The Atonement star admits Dirty Dancing: Havana...

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Jim Sturgess 'Giggled' In Love Scenes

24th August 2011

Jim Sturgess "giggled" through his love scenes with Anne Hathaway in 'One Day'. The British actor - who plays Dexter in the highly-anticipated adaptation of the David Nicholls' novel - did not mind getting on...

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The King's Speech Leads Golden Globe Nominations

14th December 2010

'The King's Speech' has received seven Golden Globe award nominations. Starring Colin Firth, Geoffrey Rush and Helena Bonham Carter, the movie - which tells the tale of a king suffering from a speech impediment -...

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Garai Regrets Dirty Dancing Role

18th April 2007

Hollywood actress ROMOLA GARAI regrets her role in DIRTY DANCING 2: HAVANA NIGHTS, branding the part "creatively unfulfilling". The rising star took months to master the Latino moves for her role as Katey Miller in...

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Witherspoon Impresses Co-star

26th August 2004

REESE WITHERSPOON has been winning praise from her VANITY FAIR co-star who found her to be "fiercely intelligent" and highly capable of looking after herself. British actress ROMOLA GARAI, 22, who plays AMELIA SEDLEY...

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Diego Luna Slams Hollywood For Casting Debacle

9th April 2004

DIRTY DANCING: HAVANA NIGHTS star DIEGO LUNA is amazed he and ROMOLA GARAI were cast as the movie's leads - because Mexicans and the English make terrible dancers. The pair take to the floor...

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Dirty Loving In Cuba

3rd March 2004

DIRTY DANCING: HAVANA NIGHTS co-stars DIEGO LUNA and ROMOLA GARAI dated in secret while shooting the movie. According to American tabloid the NEW YORK DAILY NEWS, the pair fell for each other while making...

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Romola Garai: Dirty Dancing Ii Broadens My Horizons

6th January 2004

Movie beauty ROMOLA GARAI was overjoyed when she landed the lead role in movie sequel DIRTY DANCING: HAVANA NIGHTS, because it gave her a chance to expand her repertoire beyond costume dramas. The 21-year-old...

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Romola Had Time Of Her Life Filming Dirty Dancing Sequel

27th June 2003

British actress ROMOLA GARAI found filming HAVANA NIGHTS: DIRTY DANCING 2 a deeply sensual experience. The pretty star, who has appeared in NICHOLAS NICKLEBY and I CAPTURE THE CASTLE, has been filming the long-awaited...

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Romola Garai's 'Unsexy' Hunks

27th June 2003

NICHOLAS NICKLEBY star ROMOLA GARAI was disappointed to find her hunky co-stars were much more "magically sexy" on screen than in real life. The British actress felt let down by the lack of sex...

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Romola Garai's Journey Of Discovery

27th May 2003

Up-and-coming actress ROMOLA GARAI hit on a novel way of deciding which career path she should take - she went travelling on her own. The English I CAPTURE THE CASTLE beauty, 20, admits she...

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Romola Garai's So Clumsy

26th May 2003

British actress ROMOLA GARAI is amazed that she's considered a sex symbol - because she's so clumsy. The 20-year-old I CAPTURE THE CASTLE actress is gaining rave reviews for both her acting ability and...

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