The BBC might have proudly announced that they’ll be showing an unprecedented 250 hours of footage at this year’s Glastonbury Festival, but it’s not going to include very much of the Rolling Stones – not if Mick Jagger’s got anything to do with it anyway.

Perhaps the veteran singer has been watching some of the less than edifying videos of the Stones recent shows on Youtube, but he’s sticking fast on how much the BBC are allowed to show of the band’s headlining set next month, with the front man wanting to give away as little as four songs for live airing. From the BBC’s part they’ve explained that negotiations with the band are "absolutely business as usual for this stage of the festival", a spokesperson adding to The Independent: "Our conversations with The Rolling Stones have been extremely constructive and are ongoing."

However, a source reputedly close to Jagger has said “Mick agreed to do Glastonbury for the fans who are there, he didn’t sign up for a TV show. It’s not about money. This show will go around the world. If there’s torrential rain it will play havoc with their performance and they want to sound and look at their best. There’s a lot of factors out of their control.” Also the fact that Keith Richards hasn’t played a correct note yet this year, but we’ll not mention that. Oh we just did.

Mick Jagger
Mick Jagger's not up for leting the Beeb show his ageing limbs

The Rolling Stones
We reckon the Rolling Stones might have a Glastonbury DVD planned personally