The Rolling Stones are set to headline Glastonbury with a gig later today on the Pyramid Stage. Oh and did we mention that this will be The Stones’ very first gig at Glasto? The rockers have previously remarked that the appearance at the biggest UK music festival would be the culmination of their British heritage. Richards explained for Radio 1: "I'm looking forward to it because it is an iconic gig and it's an iconic band finally the two meet at last. In a way it's kind of weird that at last we've made it to Glastonbury. It's like building Stonehenge right?"

The Rolling Stones, London Film Festival
Right on cue for their 50th anniversary, The Stones will finally grace Glastonbury.

Guitarist Keith Richards explained the band’s apprehensiveness ahead of their Glasto set today. He explained: "I think the only pressure we feel is that it is the first time we've done an outdoor show for yonks and English weather. Throwing in those two equations, yeah, there is maybe a little apprehension."

Watch The Stones' original announcement of the gig.

And while those are very valid concerns, Richards and co. needn’t be worried – at least about the weather today. The day kicked off at a forgiving 19̊ C today and has remained steady, currently at 21̊ with not a drop of rain in sight, mercifully. It’s predicted to remain the same until the rockers take the Pyramid stage at 9.30 BST tonight. Finally, Glastonbury will see a performance by the icons, in what Richards referred to as a “culmination of [their] British heritage” in the video announcement for the gig.

Keith Richards, BFI London Film Festival
Richards sees this as the epitome of the band's Britishness.