Britain, like many other Western countries today, is in a recession, in which just about every ordinary person is feeling the pinch. Four people, who don't seem to have much of a clue about the current financial crisis affecting the world, are veteran rockers the Rolling Stones. Today The Stones made the tickets for their upcoming summer concert in London's Hyde Park available to buy, with the cheapest possible ticket selling for £95, plus fees!

Despite the ridiculous pricing of the tickets, it did't stop fans of the dinosaur rockers from snapping up the tickets in minutes, with all 65,000 tickets for the 6 July show being sold within five minutes of going on sale. If you thought the £95 for a standard ticket was bad (without taking the £10-30 booking fees into account), more pricer tickets were also sold, costing up to £300 (again, not taking into account for booking and admin. fees), with only the £299 (face value) VIP tickets offering the chance of being slightly closer to the stage than any of the other tickets.

It was thought that, following the outrage of the prices that the band were asking for during their run at the O2 Arena last year, the prices would be a little lower this time round. Alas going to see one of the richest bands in the world will still cost you an arm and a leg. Still, the show will have a bit of history to it nonetheless, as it will be the band's first performance in Hyde Park in 44 years. That particular concert, held 5 July 1969, came two days after founding guitarist Brian Jones drowned in his swimming pool and was a free event, a far cry from the money-grabbing nature of this concert.

Rolling Stones
Rolling Stones Can Still Capture An Audience, No Matter How Much They Charge