The much hyped return of The Rolling Stones to Hyde Park last night did not leave fans disappointed. In fact, “blown away” might be a more accurate term, according to attendees tweeting about the event. "@RollingStones were immense last nite. Literally blew me away! #StonesHydePark #Stones5,” tweeted one enthusiastic concertgoer this morning.

Rolling Stones, Glastonbury
First Glastonbury and then Hyde Park - it was a quintessentially British tour for the band.

The two shows mark the end of the Stones’ 50th anniversary tour, so it’s no wonder that the rock giants are roaring through them. Mick Jagger, speaking to Absolute Radio before the event, admitted to his excitement: “It'll be fun...(we are looking) forward to doing these two shows in Hyde Park, the last two shows of...this tour so we're gonna make them the best we can...maybe there'll be things beyond that, but right now this is the summer then we have a bit of a break.”

Break or no break, however, Jagger, Richards, Wood and Watts aren’t planning on stopping or slowing down anytime soon. In fact, the singer also dropped a hint about possible new songs being released in the future. “I'm always writing new songs so hopefully we'll do new songs one of these days soon,” he said, according to Entertainmentwise.

Rolling Stones, Glastonbury
After giving it their all on tour, the band are planning to rest up for a while.

In any case, fans can expect some pretty exciting Stones releases this year – particularly exciting for those who couldn’t make it out to the Hyde Park gig. It’s still only a rumor, but the entire show might possibly be released on DVD later in the year. Until then, the rockers plan on giving themselves a few months’ break.

The Rolling Stones, Glastonbury
Don't worry though, they're still writing music.