The Rolling Stones played a club gig in Paris last night (25 October 2012), with tickets priced at a whopping $632 less than some of the top priced general release tickets for their shows at the O2 Arena in London on 25 and 29 November 2012.

We worked out that you could get a Eurostar from London to Paris and back, with the price of the gig ticket on top, for just over $420. Even with a hotel added on you’d still be paying less than the top tier general release tickets for the O2, something probably pretty galling for those who stumped up the cash for the 50th Anniversary shows a week ago. The band played for 75 minutes at the 700 capacity Trabendo in the French capital, with Mick Jagger quipping to the crowd: "I can't believe we're all still standing up, you'd think by now one or two of us would be sitting down, but we're not.” There’ll be plenty of time for that later on, Mick, on the solid gold thrones you’ve no doubt bought yourselves with the lucre you’re making from this winter.

The band wheeled out as many of the hits possible within the allotted time - and before their bodies gave out - reports Reuters, with Route 66 kicking off the gig and Brown Sugar closing it. They were the first shows the leathery-faced rock band had performed since 2007.