The Rolling Stones won’t, repeat, they will not be playing this year’s Coachella Art and Music festival as part of their 50th anniversary celebration.

Disappointed? Well, this is what happens when people get ahead of themselves. The news that The Stones would be playing the festival first surfaced when a purported screenshot from the band’s tour app showed Coachella as one of the locations on the schedule. Afterward everyone got good and excited, except for Pop & Hiss, one of the publications that perpetuated the rumors.

After a picture by the promoters was released, showing a stone in a field (get it? A rolling stone?) the gig seemed like a sure thing. But throughout the whole affair, members of the band remained calm and quiet. Still, that didn’t stop the buzz from going around and at one point, Mick Jagger himself stepped in and started denying the rumours. Finally, this past Thursday (January 24) the final lineup for the festival was released, and while it features some undeniably cool acts like Blur, The Stone Roses and the Red Hot Chilli Peppers, there isn’t a hint of Stones to be seen anywhere. Instead of a teaser for a Stones performance, the picture was nothing more than, well, a polo ball in a polo field – a reference to Coachella taking place on the grounds of the Empire Polo Club. Bit embarrassing, still, there will be a lot to see and hear at this year’s festival.

The full lineup can be seen on the festival website.