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The Rolling Stones (formed 1962) The Rolling Stones are an English rock band famous for songs such as '(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction', 'Paint It Black' and 'Angie'. They are made up of Mick Jagger, Ronnie Wood, Keith Richards and Charlie Watts.

Formation: The Rolling Stones formed when old friends Keith Richards and Mick Jagger decided to get together musically, before later meeting Brian Jones playing guitar with Blues Incorporated. The full line-up in 1962 became Jagger, Jones, Richards, pianist Ian Stewart, guitarist Mick Taylor and drummer Tony Chapman. Keith Richards has said that Jones came up with the band name when Jazz News called them up and asked, whereby he spotted a Muddy Waters album nearby with the track 'Rollin' Stone'.

Musical career: The band, as Jagger, Richards, Jones, Stewart and bassist Dick Taylor, played their first gig at the Marquee Club in London in 1962 performing songs from artists such as Chuck Berry and Bo Diddley. Bassist Bill Wyman later joined, along with drummer Charlie Watts in 1963 making the line-up: Brian Jones on guita, Ian Stewart on piano, Mick Jagger on vocals, Keith Richards on guitar and vocals, Bill Wyman on bass and Charlie Watts on drums.

Their first official manager was Andrew Loog Oldham who re-dubbed them as the Rolling Stones and dropped Stewart from the line-up. He often promoted the band as a 'nasty version of The Beatles'. The signed with Decca Records who allowed them to use other recording studios and thus they recorded their first album at Regent Sound Studios.

Their first single in 1963 was a cover of Chuck Berry's 'Come On' which they never played live despite it reaching number 21 on the UK singles charts. Their first UK concert tour was supporting Bo Diddley, Little Richard and The Everly Brothers. At the same time, they released second single Lennon and McCartney's 'I Wanna Be Your Man' which reached number 12 and third single Buddy Holly's 'Not Fade Away' reached number 3. Their first number 1 hit in the UK was a cover of Bobby and Shirley Womack's 'It's All Over Now'.

In 1965, they released second album 'The Rolling Stones No. 2' which reached number 1 in the UK and number 5 in the US. Their first original composition to reach number 1 was 'The Last Time' in the same year. Their first international number 1 hit was '(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction' which spent four weeks at the top of the charts in the US. Their album 'Aftermath' reached number 1 in the UK and number 2 in the US and was the first to be entirely original songs.

In 1967, they were alleged as drug users in the News of the World when they accused Mick Jagger of taking Benzedrine tablets and possessing hashish. It was in fact Brian Jones. Keith Richards' home was later raided by the police after a tip off but no arrests were made until later when he and Jagger were charged with drug offences. Jones house was also later raided and he was charged with cannabis possession. Jagger was sentenced to 3 months in prison for possession of amphetamine but it was reduced to a conditional discharge while Richards' 1 year sentence for allowing cannabis to be smoked on his property was overturned.

Jones was fined £1000 and put on 3years' probation. The thank fans for their support, the band released the single 'We Love You' while awaiting their trials. Manager Andrew left while they recorded album 'Their Satanic Majesties Request' in 1967. In 1968, they recorded the event 'The Rolling Stones Rock and Roll Circus' featuring John Lennon, Yoko Ono, The Who, Jethro Tull and Marianne Faithfull but the footage wasn't released until 1996.

In 1969, after the release of album 'Beggars Banquet', Brian Jones mental state and drug use got out of control and he wasn't able to tour with the band after being refused a US visa. He left the band and later drowned in his own swimming pool. The Rolling Stones proceeded to play a free concert in tribute to Jones in Hyde Park, London with an audience of 250,000. The band performed at the Altamont Free Concert in a concert that would be the subject of a huge disaster. The biker gang Hells Angels were asked to provide security but they stabbed and killed fan Meredith Hunter after seeing he had a knife.

In 1970, they formed record company, Rolling Stones Records and their first album on it was UK and US number one 'Sticky Fingers'. Later, they left England for the South of France. Whilst away recording, Richards was called back to France with a warrant for his arrest. They were subsequently banned from performing in various countries. Frustrated with all the complications, Taylor quit the band in 1974 to be replaced by Ronnie Wood who was a salaried employee until Wyman left. Richards was charged again later for importing drugs into Canada and was given a suspended sentence. The band signed a $28 million deal with CBS Records in the midst of their 20th anniversary in 1982.

Jagger and Richards began to drift apart and as a result Jagger signed a solo record deal. In 1985, he recorded alongside David Bowie the number 1 single 'Dancing in the Street' for Live Aid. Later that year, Stewart died of a heart attack and they were given a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award after playing a tribute concert in 1986. In 1989, they were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Jagger and Richards reconciled.

Their 50th anniversary took place in 2012 and they played five concerts across the world.

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Keith Richards Thinks Drugs 'Never Did Anything' For His Creativity

Keith Richards Rolling Stones Mick Jagger

Rolling Stones wildman Keith Richards has said he never felt drugs did anything for his creativity. Appearing on BBC Radio 4’s 'Desert Island Discs', the 71 year old discussed his lengthly career, as well as the death of his infant son in 1976 and his decision to play a show just two hours after hearing the news.

Keith RichardsKeith Richards has said drugs never did anything for his creativity.

Speaking about his drug use Richards told Young, "I have never felt it did anything for my creativity. It kept me up a lot at nights looking for the stuff. It was something that I had to stop because I realised there are experiments that go on too long.”

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Kanye West’s VMA 2015 Speech & Four Other Of His Most Bizarre Speeches

Kanye West Kim Kardashian Taylor Swift Beyonce Knowles Beck Glastonbury Festival Rolling Stones U2

In case you missed it, earlier this week, Kanye West announced he plans to run for President of the United States in 2020. This isn’t the first time West has shocked audiences with his outlandish claims so, in celebration of West’s oratory, we’ve compiled a short list of his most wonderfully bizarre speeches to date.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye WestKim Kardashian and Kanye West at the VMAs in Los Angeles on 30th August.

Read More: Kanye West Will Perform 808s & Heartbreak Album In Full During L.A. Show.

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Keith Richards Hoping To Start On A New Rolling Stones Album "Next Year"

Keith Richards Rolling Stones

He’s readying himself for his first solo album in nearly a quarter of a century later this month, but Keith Richards has spoken about some news that we genuinely do want to hear about – the possibility of a new Rolling Stones album.

The 71 year old guitarist spoke a little bit about the prospect of another Stones album, which would be the first in over a decade since 2005’s A Bigger Bang, to Entertainment Weekly. The group finished their Zip Code Tour of North America back in July, and Richards is eager to get cracking as soon as possible. However, he doesn’t hold out much hope of getting anything done until 2016.

Keith RichardsKeith Richards and Patti Hansen in February 2015

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Netflix To Stream Keith Richards Documentary 'Under The Influence'

Keith Richards Rolling Stones Netflix Morgan Neville

Netflix has announced they’ll be premiering a new documentary on the Rolling Stones' legendary guitarist Keith Richards. Ttitled Keith Richards: Under the Influence, the documentary will premiere via the streaming service on September 18th and is directed by Morgan Neville.

Keith RichardsKeith Richards: Under The Influence is coming to Netflix.

Neville recently worked with Richards on his latest music video ‘Trouble’ and last year he won the Best Documentary Oscar for his film 20 Feet From Stardom, a look at the world of backup singers.

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There's A Keith Richards Solo Album Coming

Keith Richards Rolling Stones Norah Jones

As tickets go on sale for 'Exhibitionism', the Rolling Stones' cleverly titled 2016 exhibition at the Saatchi Gallery in London, the legendary band's guitarist Keith Richards has taken the opportunity to announce his first solo album since 1992.

Keith Richards on red carpet for Saturday Night LiveKeith Richards' new album is coming in September

'Crosseyed Heart', Richards' third solo effort, follows 'Talk Is Cheap' (1988) and 'Main Offender' (1992). It's due out September 18 on Republic Records, reports Billboard.

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Poster For The Rolling Stones' 'Exhibitionism' Censored By Regulators

Rolling Stones Mick Jagger Ronnie Wood Charlie Watts

The Rolling Stones have expressed their puzzlement at the decision taken by London Underground to censor the promotional poster for their upcoming exhibition at tube stations around the capital.

On Wednesday (July 8th), The Guardian reported that the poster, featuring the band’s iconic ‘lips and tongue’ logo over the crotch area of a scantily clad woman, had been rejected by regulators in charge of advertising standards. Exterion Media, as well as bus regulators Clear Channel, both deemed the image too suggestive.

Rolling StonesThe Rolling Stones playing in July 2014

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Rolling Stones - Exhibitionism Featurette

The Rolling Stones are set to celebrate their long career as a band next year (2016) with their first exhibition at London's Saatchi Gallery on King's Road, appropriately named 'Exhibitionism'. A variety of artefacts, art and videos will be on display, all collected over a period of three years.

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The Rolling Stones Talk About Upcoming 'Exhibitionism'

Rolling Stones

They recently announced a hotly anticipated exhibition at the Saatchi Gallery in London starting next year, and now The Rolling Stones have teased a few more details about what it will involve and what motivated them to do it now.

Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Ronnie Wood and Charlie Watts took time out from their current Zip Code Tour of North America for a short featurette where they spoke a little about ‘Exhibitionism’, which will open on April 6th 2016. It turns out the group has been planning it for over three years.

“We’ve been pretty hands-on in this,” said singer Mick Jagger. “We’ve looked at lots of proposals, ways of presenting these things. And we’ve changed a lot of the ideas that were originally presented and substituted with them our own. I think that’s good.”

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The Rolling Stones Announce Career Spanning London Exhibition

Rolling Stones Mick Jagger Keith Richards

Not content with being one of the most legendary bands of all time, The Rolling Stones have just announced their first career spanning exhibition which will take over London’s Saatchi Gallery from April 2016. Titled ‘The Rolling Stones – Exhibitionism’, it will run across nine galleries over two floors and showcase over 500 artefacts from the band’s history.

The Rolling StonesThe Rolling Stones have announced at career-spanning touring exhibition.

“We've been thinking about it for quite a long time but wanted it to be just right and on a large scale just like planning our touring concert productions,” frontman Mick Jagger said. “I think right now, it’s an interesting time to do it. We’ve been pretty hands-on in this.”

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The Rolling Stones - From The Vault: The Marquee, Live In 1971

The latest release in the Rolling Stones' 'From The Vault' series comes hot on the heels of the remastered and expanded reissue of their seminal 1971 album 'Sticky Fingers'. While The Marquee gig is a great companion piece to that album, as a stand-alone release it feels slight by comparison. It's by no means a 'cash-in' as this performance has been on the bootleg circuit for years, and deserved a proper release. However, it may have been more suitable to package it alongside 'Sticky Fingers' itself, in isolation it feels like a forgettable curio, although I must stress that everything here is well worth your time, no matter how brief the contents are.

The Rolling Stones - From The Vault: The Marquee, Live in 1971 DVD Review

In essence, you get a 38-minute live performance of 8 songs that was taped for an American TV special and then re-cut at varying lengths for transmission around the world. That this classic line-up of the band (Jagger, Richards, Watts, Taylor, and Wyman) was performing in such an intimate and historic venue on London's Wardour Street makes this an artefact of interest. Add to that essentially four songs in the set list that many viewers around the world wouldn't have heard: 'Brown Sugar', 'Bitch', 'Dead Flowers', and 'I Got The Blues'. It's understandable why the fan community have wanted a proper release for this show for the last four decades. My problem then is not really with the show itself, rather that it feels lightweight when you compare it to similar archive series releases from other heritage acts.

Compare, for example, the plethora of material that Bob Dylan's 'Bootleg Series' has released in recent years. Even Neil Young or The Beatles' Anthology have presented sought after performances in bumper packages. 'Live At The Marquee' could have been bolstered by audio performances from The Roundhouse or any other of the UK shows in the month preceding 'Sticky Fingers'. While the University of Leeds show was presented on super deluxe version of that studio album earlier this year, perhaps it would have been more beneficial to include it here. Whatever the logic behind this release and its array of different formats (CD, DVD, Blu-Ray, and combinations of all), 8 tracks (no matter how good they are), a couple of outtakes of the same songs to ensure camera angles were covered, and a solitary Top Of The Pops mostly mimed performance of 'Brown Sugar', do not add up to a bumper package or value for money. There's an hour and change of performance here, it really does feel like a bonus disc at best.

Continue reading: The Rolling Stones - From The Vault: The Marquee, Live In 1971

Hear Eric Clapton On Previously Unreleased Alternate Take Of The Rolling Stones' 'Brown Sugar'

Rolling Stones Eric Clapton Mick Jagger Keith Richards

The Rolling Stones have shared a previously unheard version of classic track ‘Brown Sugar’, featuring Eric Clapton on guitar. The alternate take was made public just days before it appears on the reissue of the band’s 1971 album Sticky Fingers, which hits on June 8th.

Rolling stonesThe Rolling Stones are reissuing Sticky Fingers later this month.

The version was said to have been recorded during a birthday party for Keith Richards and saxophone player Bobby Keys and has been cleaned up for the reissue. The cut also features Al Kooper on piano in place of Ian Stewart, whose version appears on Sticky Fingers.

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The Rolling Stones Play 'Sticky Fingers' Surprise Gig In Los Angeles

Rolling Stones

The Rolling Stones played their seminal record Sticky Fingers in its entirety at a surprise concert in Los Angeles on Wednesday night (May 20). The band, who also performed additional Stones hits, were celebrating the June 9th reissue of the classic 1971 album with a show at the Fonda Theatre.

Rolling StonesThe Rolling Stones played Sticky Fingers in its entirety

The audience were treated to the likes of 'Brown Sugar,' 'Wild Horses,' 'Bitch,' 'Sister Morphine' and 'Dead Flowers' as the Stones prepared for their 15-city North American ZIP CODE Tour which begins in San Diego on Sunday, May 24. 

Continue reading: The Rolling Stones Play 'Sticky Fingers' Surprise Gig In Los Angeles

Could A New Rolling Stones Album Be In The Pipeline?

Keith Richards Mick Jagger Rolling Stones

They’ve just announced their first North American tour in nearly a decade, but Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards is keen for the band to take on more work. In an interview with Rolling Stone magazine (confusingly…), the rock legend wants them to record a new album.

The 71 year old guitarist revealed that “we're talking about doing some recording after this tour, but there's nothing definite. We just threw out the idea. I'd like to get the boys back in the studio again, yeah. Anything can happen.”

Keith RichardsThe Rolling Stones' Keith Richards

Continue reading: Could A New Rolling Stones Album Be In The Pipeline?

The Rolling Stones - Wild Horses (Acoustic / Lyric Video)

'Wild Horses' is a song which featured on The Rolling Stones' legendary multi-Platinum 1971 album 'Sticky Fingers'. The song was re-released with an acoustic version along with a new edition of the album set for release in 2015.

The Rolling Stones Hit North America For The First Time In Nine Years With 2015 Zip Code Tour

Rolling Stones Mick Jagger Keith Richards Charlie Watts Ronnie Wood

The Rolling Stones are set to hit the road yet again, this time re-visiting the States for the first time in nine years on their 15-date Zip Code tour. The veteran rockers will be performing everywhere from San Diego to Quebec in this North American bonanza.

The Rolling Stones Zip Code Tour logo

Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Charlie Watts and Ronnie Wood will be performing at some of the biggest stadiums in the US and Canada on their forthcoming Summer tour which will run from May to July; kicking off at San Diego's Petco Park and wrapping up in Quebec with Le Festival D'Été de Québec, tickets for which will be available in April.

Continue reading: The Rolling Stones Hit North America For The First Time In Nine Years With 2015 Zip Code Tour

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#StonesMéxico ¡The Rolling Stones tocarán una segunda fecha en México el 17 de marzo! Consigue tus boletos en preventa el 3 de diciembre. #stonesaméricalatina
Los Rolling Stones llegan a Peru por primera vez! General al publico desde el 19 de Noviembre, quien viene al show?! Link in bio. #StonesPeru #StonesAméricaLatina
Remembering Thomas, Marie and Manu at Universal, and all the victims of the Paris massacre
Happy Thanksgiving to everyone in the US!
Entradas para el primer concierto de Rolling Stones en Uruguay están en venta ahora!
Las venta web ya está disponble. Gracias por su paciencia. Link in bio.
#StonesUruguay #StonesAméricaLatina
Get ready Latin America...the Rolling Stones are coming!

The AMERICA LATINA OLÉ stadium tour kicks off on 3rd February 2016, in Santiago, Chile.

Stops in Santiago, Buenos Aires, Montevideo, Rio De Janeiro, São Paulo, Porto Alegre, Lima, Bogotá, México City! #StonesAméricaLatina #StonesEnChile #StonesArgentina #StonesUruguay #StonesRio #StonesSãoPaulo #StonesPoa #StonesPeru #StonesMéxico
Las entradas para el primer show de The Rolling Stones en Colombia estarán a la venta para el público en general a partir de HOY a las 10 AM.
¿Quién va a ser parte de #STONESCOLOMBIA en El Campín el 10 de marzo?
Link in bio #stonesaméricalatina
Ya comenzó la venta general en Argentina! Y miles de fans ya tienen sus tickets. Link in bio. #StonesAméricaLatina #StonesArgentina

Con paradas en Santiago, Buenos Aires, Montevideo, Río de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Porto Alegre, Lima, Bogotá, Ciudad de México
#StonesAméricaLatina #StonesEnChile #StonesArgentina #StonesUruguay #StonesRio #StonesSãoPaulo #StonesPoa #StonesPeru #StonesMéxico

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