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Pretty Cool Review

Very Good
God bless Rolfe Kanefsky.

I didn't think they made outright sex comedies any more. Sure, movies like American Pie and Road Trip veer in that direction, but a film where a guy becomes able to control people's minds -- and thus gets lots of girls to take their clothes off -- well, we haven't seen movies like this since the era of Porky's and H.O.T.S.

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Jacqueline Hyde Review

Movies this bad are never usually this earnest, too. If the pun-tastic title didn't cue you off, Jacqueline Hyde is a horror flick that uses Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde as its basis for a story. Only it's a chick. Get it?

Jackie Hyde (Gabriella Hall) is a demure, slightly chubby telemarketing staffer. But when she inherits a mansion, she finds some vials of red liquid secreted inside. Naturally, she drinks them, and she discovers the power to morph into whatever woman she wants -- whether that's the blonde girl across the street or the model in her lingerie catalog. It's the model she chooses to emulate the most, calling herself Jacqueline Hyde (Blythe Metz) and passing herself off as Jackie's sister.

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The Hazing Review

Frat boys, sorority girls... tsk tsk. Has the legacy of Scooby-Doo not taught them anything about the perils of breaking into haunted mansions, stealing magical (and evil) books, murdering cult leaders, and getting naked?

Oh well. Their loss is our gain. The Hazing is a monumentally bad horror film, but it's so campy and absurdly gory you can't help but guiltily enjoy your 87-minute stay with it.

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Rolfe Kanefsky

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U2 Are Delaying Their New Album's Release Because Of Donald Trump

U2 Are Delaying Their New Album's Release Because Of Donald Trump

Trump's unexpected presidential election victory has caused U2 to re-think a number of their songs for their upcoming 14th album, they say.

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