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Independence Day: Resurgence - Teaser Trailer

Everyone knows the tale of David Levinson and Captain Steven Hiller, the two men at the forefront of the last Alien invasion. Since that last fateful day, Levinson has worked tirelessly to protect the world and strengthen it from alien attacks, even using the technology they discovered on board the alien spaceship to counter their possible attack methods.

When the people of Earth learn that Aliens are on their way back to our planet, there's automatic hysteria and a hope that the newly installed space defences will help counter the attack. Whatever stringent plans David develops he, more than anyone, realises that it will probably not be enough to protect us.

Independence Day: Resurgence takes place twenty years after the original movie and sees many of the cast taking up the same role again. The film is directed by Roland Emmerich (known for The Day After Tomorrow, Godzilla and the first Independence Day movie.)

Will Smith Felt "Terrible" When He Found Out About Death Of 'Independence Day' Character

Will Smith Roland Emmerich

It turns out that Will Smith is just as surprised as fans that his character from the original Independence Day movie has been killed off in the trailer for the much-anticipated follow-up, Independence Day: Resurgence.

Smith was being interviewed by Yahoo! Movies on Monday (January 4th) about his current movie Concussion, when discussion turned to the sequel to 1996’s popular Independence Day and he revealed that he was shocked to discover the death of Captain Steven Hiller, his swashbuckling character from the original.

Will SmithWill Smith was shocked to discover the fate of his 'Independence Day' character

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Premiere Of Stonewall At Kino International Movie Theatre In Mitte.

Roland Emmerich - Premiere of Stonewall at Kino International movie theatre in Mitte. - Berlin, Germany - Tuesday 17th November 2015

Roland Emmerich
Roland Emmerich
Roland Emmerich
Roland Emmerich
Roland Emmerich

The Stonewall Trailer Has Been Stonewalled With Criticism

Jeremy Irvine Roland Emmerich

The trailer for upcoming American drama Stonewall has been released and it has come out surrounded with its fair share of controversy. Roland Emmerich is the blockbuster movie director who has taken on the film, loosely based on the 1969 Stonewall riots that are widely acknowledged as the catalyst for the modern gay rights movement.

StonewallStonewall, based on the 1969 riots, has released its trailer - but not everyone is happy about it

Initially, the idea and the director received tremendous amounts of praise for tackling and highlighting such an important issue as this and Stonewall looked to be heading towards being a big hit.

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Stonewall Trailer

Danny Winters is a young man in 1969, who becomes disenfranchised from the marginalisation and discrimination of some members of society. His radical opinions cause his parents to kick him out of their Kansas home, and so he takes the opportunity to travel to New York where he meets a group of liberal and flamboyant youths who shelter him and bring him to a discreet gay club run by the mafia known as The Stonewall Inn. Unfortunately, this is a place frequently raided by cops, who are less than liberal in their way of thinking. Tired of the constant social threats and alienation, Danny leads an army with members of the gay, trans and cross-dressing community to fight against the corrupt police with a full scale riot.

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'Independence Day 2' Lands Vivica A. Fox

Vivica A Fox Will Smith Roland Emmerich Jeff Goldblum Bill Pullman Liam Hemsworth

He may not have been able to secure the services of Will Smith, but director Roland Emmerich has at least manage to secure the services of Smith’s on-screen wife Vivica A. Fox to reprise her role for the Independence Day sequel.

The director made the announcement via Twitter that Fox would be reappearing as her character Jasmine from the 1996 blockbuster. Fox has enjoyed a revival in her fortunes in the last couple of years, coming off a high-profile performance in the so-bad-that-it’s-good Sharknado 2: The Second One.

Vivica A Fox
Vivica A Fox will reprise her original role in 'Independence Day 2'

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Roland Emmerich Returning To Direct 'Independence Day 2'

Roland Emmerich Will Smith

Nearly 20 years after the original sci-fi epic, Roland Emmerich has signed on to direct Independence Day 2 for 20th Century Fox. Dean Devlin, producer of the original movie starring Will Smith, is also returning and confirmed the news on his Twitter account this week.

Roland EmmerichRoland Emmerich is directing Independence Day 2

The movie has a release date of June 26, 2016, meaning Emmerich and Devlin are going to have to get moving - sharpish. The sequel will take place in an alternate reality where humans have enjoyed 20 years of peace since the alien invasion featured in the first movie.

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Is 'Pacific Rim 2' Really A Good Idea?

Guillermo Del Toro King Kong Roland Emmerich

With a slew of epic monster movies hitting cinema screens in recent years it seems there is a genuine renaissance in the sub-genre of disaster movie that bestowed upon the world the likes of Godzilla and King Kong. Pacific Rim, drawn from the imagination of Guillermo Del Toro, is a thoroughly contemporary take on the monster movie blueprint- awash with a myriad of spectacular CGI that resembled nothing short of a visual banquet.

Pacific RimDel Toro's Pacific Rim was a huge international hit but underperformed in the US.

The epic nature of the film posited a grand departure for Del Toro, who made his name through taut and often fantastical horror flicks including the Oscar-winning Pan’s Labyrinth. Del Toro has recently revealed that a second film was being developed even before the release of the first, yet it has still to be officially given the go ahead by the film’s developers, Legendary Pictures. As such, it seems that Pacific Rim is heading in the direction of most blockbuster films that have hit the cinema as of late and being dragged out into a franchise.

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Will Smith Won't Star In 'Independence Day 2': A Possible Contender For The Sci-Fi Role Emerges

Will Smith Roland Emmerich Jeff Goldblum Bill Pullman

As an actor, Will Smith has come a long way since 1996's alien disaster movie Independence Day. So it's not really surprising that the star of the original movie has apparently turned down an offer to star in Roland Emmerich's upcoming sequel...but we kind of wish he hadn't.

Will Smith
Will Smith Won't Be Coming Back As Steven Hiller In 'Independence Day 2.'

Though Deadline reports an indecisive "back and forth," Smith has reportedly told Fox that he will not be accepting a reprisal of the big movie role that helped turn him into a fully-fledged film star. It has been suggested that one of the reasons for the back and forth was that Smith was "too expensive," as Emmerich himself has explained.

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White House Down Review


This may look exactly like Gerard Butler's over-serious Olympus Has Fallen, but it's actually that film's smarter, sillier younger brother: the one you like even though you really shouldn't. As he did with 2012, filmmaker Emmerich has injected this huge action romp with a generous dose of tongue-in-cheek humour while never sacrificing the overwrought spectacle. So even if it's wildly contrived and ludicrously patriotic, it's so gleefully destructive that we can't help but have a lot of fun.

It starts out as ex-military man John (Tatum) tries to impress his estranged 11-year-old daughter Emily (King) by taking her along with him on a job interview at the White House. At that moment, home-grown terrorists strike, led by a disgruntled security chief (Woods). In the chaos, John gets separated from Emily, and as he looks for her he stumbles across the US President (Foxx). As John and the President work to subvert the villains, the politically savvy Emily is posting videos of them on YouTube, which helps the Pentagon command centre, overseen by security chief Carol (Gyllenhaal) and Speaker Raphelson (Jenkins), keep the nation from falling apart. But it turns out that one of the baddies (Clarke) has a personal vendetta against John.

As always, Emmerich infuses the film with a sombre tone then undermines it at every step with witty irony. Each scene is packed with quirky characters, snappy one-liners, knowingly corny sentimentality and bigger-than-necessary mayhem. For example, he manages to wedge a full-on car chase into the White House grounds, complete with a rocket launcher. At the centre, Tatum and Foxx are a lively double-act, bouncing off each other with feisty energy. Furrowed-brow gravitas is supplied by Gyllenhaal, Jenkins and Woods, while scene-stealers include King's plucky young hero and Simpson's megalomaniac hacker.

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Military Personnel And Veterans Get Free Tickets To 'White House Down'

Channing Tatum Roland Emmerich Jamie Foxx

Military veterans and active personnel were granted free access to Roland Emmerich's new movie White House Down on July 4, 2013. In a nice touch from Sony Pictures Entertainment and the four largest U.S. cinema chains - which doubled as a savvy way to push WHD on the patriotic holiday - servicemen and woman flocked to the cinemas with their plus-ones to catch the new film starring Jamie Foxx and Channing Tatum.

Theaters run by Regal Entertainment Group, AMC Entertainment Holdings Inc, Cinemark Holdings Inc and Carmike Cinemas Inc were all in on the scheme, which proved hugely popular. "It's a great way to celebrate the holiday and to honor and thank the troops for their service to our country," Rory Bruer, Sony Pictures' president of worldwide distribution, said in the most American sounding statement ever. 

White House Down stars Tatum as a police officer down on his luck after his Secret Service application is turned down. However, in an ironic turn, he ends up protecting the President (Foxx) when a paramilitary group attacks the famous residence while he and his daughter are on a tour. 

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'Monsters University' Stands Up To 'The Heat' And 'White House Down' In Weekend Box Office

Sandra Bullock Melissa McCarthy Roland Emmerich Channing Tatum Jamie Foxx

The latest venture from Pixar animations, Monsters University, spent a second week at the number one spot at the US box office, battling off competition from newcomers The Heat and White House Down. The prequel to 2001's Monsters Inc. managed to take in an impressive $46.2 million, just under half of it's taking from last week, and has currently made a massive $171 million in it's two weeks at cinemas.

Watch the Trailer for Monsters University

Close behind in second place was the Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy-starring buddy cop movie The Heat, which scooped an impressive $40 million over the weekend. Costing $43 million to make, the movie has all but recouped it's expenditure in a relatively successful weekend, whereas fellow newcomer White House Down only managed to bring in $25.7 million to land it in fourth place, behind the Brad Pitt starring World War Z. The takings for the Roland Emmerich-directed film will be particularly distressing to Sony Pictures, who spent an estimated $150 million on making the Channing Tatum and Jamie Foxx-starring film.

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How Much Will Reviews Hamper White House Down's Weekend Box Office Performance?

Roland Emmerich Channing Tatum Jamie Foxx

The US government is under attack once again from director Roland Emmerich (The Day After Tomorrow, Godzilla, Independence Day, 2012), in his new film, and with Channing Tatum and Jamie Foxx starring and a need to reiterate the credentials of traditional action movies rather that superhero films, the film still has a good chance to be the surprise hit of the summer. Critics are split down the middle in their opinion of the film, with some saying it is a decent enough watch, whilst others are calling it a shocker.

Watch the trailer for White House Down

A great deal of reviews are speaking well of the latest film from one of the most successful disaster movie makers of the last few decades, with Vulture and the New York Times praising the shameless action sequences that regularly fail to keep the average audience-member entertained. Others have been praising the premise of the film - about a paramilitary group who take over the White House - for successfully addressing America's post-9/11 anxieties of a genuine threat to mainland America, much like the Gerard Butler-starring Olympus Has Fallen. But not everyone can agree and overall the critical view has been somewhat subdued; giving the film a 50% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. This can go a long way towards how well a film does in the cinemas and may prove to be a genuine threat to the producer's investment.

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Tatum, Foxx, Emmerich? Shouldn't 'White House Down' Have Been Better?

Channing Tatum Roland Emmerich Jamie Foxx

Roland Emmerich's new movie White House Down will make its assault on the U.S box office this weekend, aiming to topple animation Despicable Me 2 and zombie movie World War Z. The action-thriller sees Channing Tatum playing rejected secret service applicant John Cale, who is thrown into the line of duty when a visit to the White House is interrupted by a paramilitary group led by Emil Stenz (Jason Clarke). He must project his daughter while keeping the President of the United States (Jamie Foxx) out of danger.

Channing TatumChanning Tatum At The White House Down Premiere

There's been a steady buzz for White House Down for some time, with Sony Pictures purchasing James Vanderbilt's script in March 2012 for $3 million. The Hollywood Reporter called it "one of the biggest spec sales in quite a while," while describing the movie as "tonally and thematically" similar to Die Hard and Air Force One. 

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White House Down: The Critics' Low-Down

Channing Tatum Jamie Foxx Maggie Gyllenhaal Roland Emmerich

After premiering on the 25th of June, Roland Emmerich's new movie White House Down is set for cinema release. The film stars Channing Tatum (Magic Mike), Jamie Foxx (Django Unchained) and Maggie Gyllenhaal (The Dark Knight) in a high-paced topical thriller. The director who brought you the White House's alien destruction in Independence Day is back to blow up the president's house once again - but this time it's terrorists.

Channing Tatum
White House Down: [L] Channing Tatum, [Middle] Maggie Gyllenhaal, [R] Jamie Foxx.

The film is led by Channing Tatum who plays divorced father and USCP officer John Cale who after being rejected from the secret service, tries to make it up to his idolizing young daughter by joining her on a tour of the White House. They picked the wrong day for sightseeing however, as terrorists begin to bomb the White House causing some serious devastation. It's now up to Cale to protect his daughter and President Sawyer (Foxx) as they try to escape.

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