Review of Never Learn To Cry Single by Rogers Sisters

The Rogers Sisters
Never Learn To Cry
Single Review

Rogers Sisters Never Learn To Cry Single

Brooklyn natives The Rogers Sisters latest single is rare in that it manages to both delight and disappoint in equal measure.

Driven by a steady rhythm section and chugging guitars, "Never Learn To Cry" promises much. Swathes of feedback swim through the mix as it builds and builds in momentum, the off-key vocals sounding both endearing and ominous, until, inexplicably, it implodes and disintegrates into a non-event chorus. What a let-down. It's like hearing the ice cream van music, and rushing outside to find out that they really have sold out, like your dad said. Or something to that effect, ahem.

It's frustrating because this could have been a great song, it just doesn't pick up enough pace to lift itself off the ground.
The Rogers Sisters have potential, but with this single, they just haven't quite realised it.

Ben Davis