When one thinks of a Big Kahuna, Kevin Spacey suits that title just fine. When he walks across a room in a scene, all eyes are drawn to his presence. His subtle pose and commanding smile act as a strong gravity that draws all parties' interest. Spacey's voice carries such conviction that the most common of situations are made deep when he speaks of them. He echoes the great works of Barrymore and Grant and carries the weight of these acting giants without even a shrug of the shoulders.

The new film, The Big Kahuna, marks the first venture of Spacey's new film production company in conjunction with Andrew Stevens's new production company, Franchise Pictures. I wonder of Mr. Stevens, a veteran of late-night Cinemax, thought up the title all by himself. The only thing missing is Shannon Tweed. I guess her acting chops weren't up to par for Spacey.

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