Rocker Roger Daltrey has lashed out at immigrants who fail to pay taxes in his native Britain and "undercut" the country's working class.
The Who frontman was a lifelong support of the U.K. left-wing Labour political party, but has slammed the former government, led first by Tony Blair and then Gordon Brown, for allowing huge numbers of migrants to settle in Britain.
Daltrey insists the influx of foreigners has damaged the lives of poorer Brits, accusing some groups of migrants of not paying taxes and snubbing the British way of life.
He tells Britain's Daily Mail, "I was appalled at what Labour did to the working class - mass immigration, where people were allowed to come here and undercut our working class
"It's fine to say everybody can come into your country, but everybody should work towards a standard of living expected by people who live here. Not come here, live 20 to a room, pay no tax, send money home and undercut every builder in London. They slaughtered the working class in this country. I hate them for it because it is always the little man who is hurt badly. It's terrible. It frustrates me.
"We have got to stop pandering to people because we won't be able to afford to keep this going. At the very least, it should be a pre-requisite that people have to learn English.
"What really made me angry about that period is not that people shouldn't come here - that's fine - but you have to make allowances for the strain that is going to put on your social services and they (Labour politicians) made none.
"Talk about sticking their head up their a**es. The arrogance, the audacity. They don't realise how hard the average man has to work to... pay those taxes."