Roger Daltrey is set to open up about life in The Who in a new autobiography.
The singer, who helped create the band in 1964, is hoping to secure a deal to spill all his rock 'n roll secrets - because he feels the time is right for him to share his life story.
He tells, "I'm thinking about a biography (sic) now. It's probably time. Just the story of my life and the things I've done, you know, it's kind of interesting. And when I look at the juxtapositions of things - you know, like being the singer in The Who to being a fish farmer, and being a film star to being a beef farmer, there's all these swings and roundabouts in my life that are so juxtaposed.
"They were interesting times. And it wasn't all fun, but there was an awful lot of fun."
But Daltrey could disappoint fans who want the dirty details of his time in The Who, he adds, "The only trouble is, the people usually want the salacious c**p and I don't know if I'm prepared to dig that, you know?"