Roger Daltrey returned to the New York hotel he was banned from for life at the weekend (04OCT03) - for a movie screening.

The WALDORF ASTORIA HOTEL management barred Daltrey and his group The Who from their establishment when the hellraising British hitmakers first arrived in America in 1968.

But Daltrey was back at the weekend for the launch party of the KIDS ARE ALRIGHT DVD, and the irony wasn't lost on him.

He giggles, "We were banished for life in 1968 when Keith (MOON) put a cherry bomb down the toilet on the second floor.

"It was five o'clock in the morning and we were on the pavement outside with nowhere to go. We were banned from every hotel in the city so we just passed out in Central Park and covered ourselves in the Union Jack to say 'F*** you America.'

"The US has been very good to us since, I'm delighted to say. Even the Waldorf staff seemed pleased to see me."

09/10/2003 09:06