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Lady Chatterley Review

Very Good
Anyone hoping that the 2006 reinterpretation of D.H. Lawrence's Lady Chatterley's Lover would feature young gorgeous stars like Keira Knightley and Orlando Bloom indulging in erotic adventures must have been let down to discover that Lady Chatterley features older, less beautiful actors, and the whole thing is a French production spoken in French, which is slightly odd given the English, stately-home setting.

Still, director Pascale Ferran has found her way to the core of Lawrence's novel (she actually works from an earlier version of the book), and the result is a very watchable, if a bit plodding, examination of one woman's longings.

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Kings & Queen Review

Sometimes it's nice to be small. We can all suck up and lick our lips at multi-narrative wonders like Short Cuts, Magnolia, and Sunshine State, but there is something to be said for simplicity in story and complexity in character. Arnaud Desplechin's Kings & Queen has the grandeur of P.T. Anderson and Robert Altman, but has the loose charm and intoxicating spontaneity of Truffaut and Godard.

We start out looking at Nora (Emmanuelle Devos), being interviewed by someone. She talks about her OK life with nonchalance and a nervous smile. Her job as a gallery owner seems boring, but financially substantial enough to allow for her to go visit her cancer-ridden father (Maurice Garrel) and try to pawn off her 10-year-old child, Elias (Valentin Lelong), on Ismael (Mathieu Amalric), her second husband and Elias' main father figure besides Nora's own father.

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The Dreamlife Of Angels Review

Two penniless French girls who work the assembly lines become friends. In a nutshell, that's about it. They're the angels. Their dreamlife involves their really messed-up love life and uncomfortable friendship with one another. Not overly bad, just not a lot going on in this sleepy melodrama.

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