'A New Day Has Begun' is a full on folk stomp right from the off; with an emphatic bass line pounding out the beat together with drums, banjo, mandolin, violin lines and all, the thirty-six second introduction builds layer by layer before Woomble's distinctive vocals enter. Harmony and structure are simple, predictable even, but there's no denying that the opening track to Woomble's next solo endeavour is a catchy and well-produced number with hopeful lyrics sounding clear over layers of lots of typical folk-type instruments and the pounding bass line that continues throughout; good start. Roddy Woomble is better known as the front man of Scottish alternative rock band Idlewild, a band that formed way back in 1995. Alongside several successful albums and tours with the constantly musically metamorphosing yet consistently superb Idlewild, Woomble began to further explore folk music working with a host of renowned folk musicians; The Impossible Song & Other Songs further explores this now familiar territory through a 12 track effort that also drags in lots of other influences along the way.

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