Rocker Rod Stewart is in for a rude awakening - seven of his ex-girlfriends have grouped together to reveal all about the veteran womaniser for a new TV documentary.

The MAGGIE MAY star - who is notorious for loving and leaving a string of leggy blonde lovelies - is most embarrassingly revealed as a fan of wearing ladies's underwear in the British show, ROD'S GIRLS.

Former lover MARCY HANSON says, "He was very, very playful. He put on my underwear and went running up and down the hotel corridors."

DEE HARRINGTON, Rod's first serious girlfriend, says, "He had a big sexual appetite. He liked me to show my legs and breasts.

"He would have married me after three months but I did not feel I had to. He then started to live the life he was reading about himself in the papers and I did not want to be part of it."

One of Stewart's most famous girlfriends, actress Britt Ekland, attacks Rod's infidelity, which she claims left her anorexic.

She says, "I stated quite clearly at the very beginning of the relationship that I would not accept him having any affairs.

"I was very much in love with him and when it ended the way it did it was painful. I was anorexic.

However, Rod's former publicist TONY TOON responds, "Britt was naive if she thought Rod Stewart was going to be faithful.

"Rod Stewart is faithful to no one, except his bank manager maybe."

06/11/2003 14:02