The Maggie May hitmaker got his big break in Beck's 1960s group alongside guitarist Ronnie Wood, but they both quit in 1969 to join The Small Faces as they rebranded themselves following frontman Steve Marriott's departure.

Faces reunited in 2011 but Stewart was unable to join them, and he finally got back with his former bandmates for a gig at a charity concert earlier this month (Sep15).

Following the performance, Stewart admitted he is keen for more Faces shows, and now he has revealed he pitched an idea to Wood to also reform The Jeff Beck Group for a series of super-gigs.

Stewart tells Uncut magazine, "I put this to Ronnie and Ronnie thought it was a great idea. I said, 'There's just three of us left. We could have a Faces and a Jeff Beck reunion all on one bill. And you and me are in both bands.'

"We do three-quarters of an hour with Jeff, interval, three-quarters of an hour we do the Faces. What a brilliant time we'd all have. Ronnie'd love to do it, because he can play bass with Jeff."