Who’d have thought it! Not us obviously, otherwise we wouldn’t have started this news story like that, but Rod Stewart is back on top of the UK Album Charts! Unbelievable!

The Rodster hasn’t graced the highest position that record sales can buy in the UK in 34 years, but that all changed at the weekend as his latest album, Time, managed to trounce the competition and end up at the top of the charts. It’s unlikely to hold on, given that Daft Punk’s comeback album Random Access Memories is released in the country today, and 'Get Lucky' still tops the singles chart. However Rod should be pretty delighted; the last time he made the UK number one spot was for his Greatest Hits Vol. 1 compilation back in 1979! We suppose that in the year where fellow 1970’s mainstay David Bowie also returned to the top of the UK charts, nothing is impossible for the stars of yesteryear.

According to The Guardian, Stewart told the Official Charts Company: "Well, knock me down with a feather. Just goes to show there's plenty of songs left in the old fiddle. Thank you!" Meanwhile, Official Chart director Martin Talbot added: "It is a remarkable achievement by Rod to reach a total of 15 No 1s. He is truly a legend of the Official Singles and Official Album charts."

Rod Stewart
Rod Stewart's back!... In chart-topping form!