Rod Stewart's kids steal his clothes.

The 70-year-old rocker - who has eight children from various relationships - has kept all his stage costumes, even though they no longer fit him, but his kids have taken some of the outfits because they thought they were ''really cool''.

He said: ''I've still got all the stuff upstairs from way back then and literally my waist was like that. I'm about [a] 33 now.

''There's tons of stuff up there. The kids have nicked a lot of it. When they were going through their teenage years they thought all that stuff was really cool and I never got it back.''

Rod has always been ''passionate'' about his wardrobe and is proud of the fact he has always dressed well.

He told Uncut magazine: ''I don't think I was ever a regular dresser. First of all, you've got to be passionate about it and I always have been. I would consider myself to be a pretty good dresser before 'Maggie May', before I had any money. So you either can do it or you can't. You've really got that flair or you haven't.

''There's a film of me that came out, 'An Easter With Rod'. It filmed me for three days when I was 18 and so much of it is about what I'm wearing. I'm above my dad's little sweetshop, in a little bedroom where I lived and I'm showing you my little wardrobe. It was only that wide, full of clothes but I was so proud of them.''