Jones has been championing the get together for years and a full reunion almost happened in 2010, but Simply Red star Mick Hucknall was drafted when Stewart couldn't commit to a series of festival dates.

Now, in an Austin Chronicle tribute to MCLagan, whose passing made fans fear a planned 2015 reunion would be scrapped, Jones insists the get together is still on.

He says, "Rod, Woody (Ron Wood) and me are still going to do the Faces this year. It's more important now than ever."

The trio recently regrouped to perform at Stewart's 70th birthday party in January (15), and the gig prompted Wood to open up about a possible North American reunion tour.

He said, "Rod and Kenney were very enthusiastic about a Faces reunion. I said, 'Give me a break! I've gone out with the Stones over the summer, I've got my artwork to do, I'm up to my neck in projects!' But you never know. We were thinking of getting a test show together, and if something comes of it, then we might come to America."

Meanwhile, paying tribute to his former bandmates in the Austin Chronicle article, Jones says, "I'm so proud and so honoured that life introduced me to (late singer) Steve Marriott, (late bassist) Ronnie Lane and Ian MCLagan. They've been a major part of my life - over half of it - and I miss all three of them. It's lonely, being here on my own."